Are We Sheep Being Led to Slaughter?

Today’s News: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and TODAY’s Meredith Vieira chat about the stunning red Alexander McQueen gown Michelle Obama wore at last evening’s state dinner in honor of China’s Hu Jintao (China’s dictator, says Senator Reid), actually, America’s banker, thanks to Senator Reid and the rest of  Washington’s notorious wastrels.  It was big labor that financed his victory over the Tea Party candidate. Have you ever been witness to a bigger fool than Senator Reid, the bought and paid for vassal of big labor?


The more important news of the day: Does what comes around go around? Artifacts from the ancient past now give rise to earlier advanced civilizations, perhaps dating back 50,000 years or more, now since we have the very items ancients indicated existed in writings.  For example, we read in The Bermuda Triangle by Charles Berlitz: “The most complete of the ancient written records concerning aircraft are perhaps those of the Mahabharata, the Hindu epic . . .references to aircraft and rocket propulsion that made no sense to the translators since the mechanisms described thousands of years in the past were not to make their appearance in modern times until more than half a century later.”


“Whether these accounts are memories of a very ancient technically advanced civilization or whether they are simply fantasies comparable to some of the imaginings of present day science fiction writers, some of these accounts from the distant past sound strangely  contemporaneous.”


“A good example is that of the Antikythera ‘star computer,’ a small bronze  object consisting of plates and wheels or dials . . . Subjected to  detailed examination . . . it turned out to be a geared star finder and computer of planetary orbits. . .”


“William Konig . . .digging at a 2,000 year-old site near Baghdad in Iraq . . .unearthed some curious artifacts consisting of cylinders lined with asphalt, containing within jars and provided with an iron plug—in other words, batteries without the electrolyte, which had, whatever it was, evaporated. Samples of these batteries later functioned perfectly when a new electrolyte was added.”


“But, in the case  of the more remote Egyptian civilization, subterranean tunnels, beautifully carved and painted, show no traces of torches or oil lamps on the ceilings . . .Egypt, long considered to be rather an archaeological puzzle, depicts a scene where attendants seem to be carrying giant light bulbs, with interior filaments in the shape of thin snakes, connected to a box or switch with braided cables, and which strongly suggest powerful electric lamps supported by high-tension insulators.”


There is mounting evidence that the lost continent of Atlantis actually existed. It is now thought that the misuse of their advanced technology resulted in the demise of Atlantis; that the impossible to believe actually happened: Atlantic sank into the sea.


The clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, who was able in a trance to place himself in other people’s bodies and diagnose their malfunctions, also had much to say about Atlantis and its people’s mystical god-like powers.


In the religious/philosophical records of ancient India, religion and philosophy indistinguishable with regard to matter, we find references to what is called “cosmic consciousness.” The ancient sages of India said “so is the macro cosmic, so is the microcosmic. “ 


In The Physics of Consciousness by medical doctor and quantum physicist Evan Harris Walker, who scientifically explained the connection of the microcosmic with the macrocosmic in his book, wrote: “Now we see that the independent existence of matter and the absoluteness of space were false dogma. But it has only been with the advent of quantum theory that we have discovered proof that we exist as something more than pieces of matter. In the development of quantum theory, the observer emerges as a co-equal in the foundry of creation.”


In the spring of 1975, coincidentally on Good Friday, I cut from the herd, arriving in Miami, Florida for the first day of a new life on Easter Sunday, a life that took me to sea on a sailboat I named Bold Venture. I spent two years sailing in the Bermuda Triangle, during which time miracles occurred, including clairvoyance and a time warp.  After I left the sea, miracles continued, miracles of which I’ve been writing in my Tea Party blogs.


Currently, the world is on a course that is certain to bring great change. Is it going to be a repeat of history?  My life story says no: we are going to overcome the forces of evil in the world and proceed to our intended destiny, to our next level of human advancement. Am I an Aquarian messenger or a fool?

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  • Well, you see?

    That is a good example of gullibility.


    (Also humor)

  • Oh I thought it was Bush's fault

    (that's humor)

  • Lots of people are that gullible. That is the only reason Obama was ever elected. That is the only reason this Nation is in the stew it is. ETC.
  • lololo and no one is THAT gullible eh
  • No you would be expressing an opinion. Nothing more.

    In order to "brainwash" someone who is reasonably mentally competent, you need to do something far more intense than simply discussing with them the differences in your personal views.

    If someone is truly gullible and easily swayed, you may be able to win them to your side for a time. But they will still remain easy to sway away as well.  

  • Then I'd be guilty of brainwashing of sorts....I do voice my opinion the rest is up to your choices.  It's all the accuses one side of brainwashing and the other side does it's the old 'calling the kettle black thing"  no way to get around it. 
  • So, try to do some "convincing" of your own.
  • yes...we are being led like sheep.  The ironic thing is no one realizes that blog post do the same...leading the people to their choices, their candidate picks.  It's all the same and eventually the convincer convinces.
  • And what goes around comes around.

    It truly is an interesting world.

    And, as our "Bankers" are so wont to say, we do live in "interesting times."

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