I ask the question are we Conservatives just blowing smoke, are we PAPER TIGERS? It seems we (and that includes myself) have a lot to say on our blogs,our forms, we wring our hands,post the news,comments made by inside the beltway politicians,but when push comes to shove we just seem to roll over and carry on.

There must be a million polls,petitions etc out there on the www asking we conservatives to sign or comment on, petitions,etc, seems we are pretty good at doing those things,but there is where it stops.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you called your representative,senator and read him or her the riot act? When was the last time you did anything other than give a thumbs up on a fellow conservatives comment on a issue being discussed on some so called conservative forum you belong too?



We conservatives,well many of us joined the Tea Party Movement,we went all in, marched,town hall meetings,marched in D.C. carried our signs we spoke up, stood tall shoulder to shoulder, we knew what the Tea Party Movement was all about,smaller government,less taxes etc, and by God we were going to get er done.

Here it is the 4th of January 2013, the Republican leadership caved on negotiations with Obama on the tax issue, on the budget,sold "WE THE PEOPLE"  out once again and here we are good little conservatives making sure we don't offend anyone,making sure we have a measured response on our little blogs and forums,making sure we get approval from all those other conservatives who are typing away at their keyboards.

Question to all you that still acknowledge the Tea Party, can you tell me if the Tea Party is still a organized movement? If so can you name the leadership of the Tea Party? If there is leadership, when was the last time you heard them on television or talk radio? Do you really know if the Tea Party is still a movement or just a bunch of disjointed sites on Facebook,forums etc that hang a Tea Party Bannner at the top of their pages?

The left is hard at work to take away our 2nd amendment rights, they have made huge headway in undermining our free speech rights (1st amendment) they are working 24/7 to destroy our constitution and replace it with their socialist/communist agenda. They are focused,they have leadership at all levels, and they truly believe in what they are doing.

One last comment on this blog.  The Tea Party if it still has a national core of leadership,if the movement still has a purpose and drive as it once had, then they had better stick it in high gear and get out front of the American people, if not the Tea Party movement is over.

We conservatives are on our own, we have no representation in Washington D.C. they have sold us out, they want nothing to do with conservatives, like I said we are on our own!  If the Tea Party Movement is in fact still alive, we must make our minds up as conservatives,should we use what the Tea Party once stood for as a stepping off point to establish a Conservative Party?  Should we?

We have many patriots at the national level we could call on to get a Conservative Party going, we have patriots like Allen West, Sara Palin, just two names that come to mind.  We are at a time in our countries history were we had better go all in and make this happened or forever hold our peace!

Nothing is ever easy, establishing a new party will not happen over night, it would take a lot of work ,with heartbreak and disappointment along the way.  As far as I am concerned,I am all in, this is my country and I believe it is under attack from the left.

Patriots,these communist,Marxist,progressives,socialist liberals whatever you want to call them, will not give up, they have been working to establish their agenda in our country for well over a hundred years.

Conservatives we are up against it, we are fast approaching the same predicament that our founding fathers found themselves in, we as conservatives are going to have to PUT UP or SHUT UP.



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  • Dave W. Those are the ones we will VOTE OUT WHEN THEY TRY RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION!!

  • Joan,.... hubby likes cable, ... but? Our speedy winds would rip the dish right off my house!! Snow covers dish, and disrupts service, where I live.  We get winds several times throughout the seasons, sustianed 40 mph. gusting to 60, on a reg. bases, ... and times our sustained winds are 60, 67....gusting to over 100 mph.  big rigs overturn in the valleys, and fences blow down.

  • I believe we Conservatives are still out there, but our representation has left us for the cushion of D.C. lifestyles of the rich and (in)famous.

  • WE'RE getting screwed. 

    "Liars"...WE NEED TO CALL THESE POLITICIANS WHAT THEY ARE.  "Liars" right to their face.  "Protect the middle class my AS-!"  Oil is $3.69 a gallon, gasoline is close to $4.00 a gallon and those lying sack politicians say we want to protect the middle class.  BS liars, all of them!  TAXES just went up on payroll taxes 2%  so Obama gave Congress a raise. Outrageous! AND the moochers and takers/couch potatoes get everything free, while we go out to work everyday. PUT UP OR SHUT UP IS RIGHT.  The insane liberal loons are spending us into bankruptcy.

  • the best way to starve the social media is to get a dish, don't support the sponsors

  • the best way to starve the social media is to get a dish, don't support the sponsors

  • the best way to starve the social media is to get a dish, don't support the sponsors

  • People, we have the numbers, we have the drive, we have the resources, all we need is ORGANIZATION.  The Tea Party websites are a great first step, and the people who run them have done a fantastic job and deserve our undying gratitude.  What we need now is to organize under a National level body and channel this energy into a united, unstoppable force.  People like Alan West, Sarah Palin, and Jim DeMint have the knowledge and skills to do it. We should approach them with perhaps a Petition to enlist their aid, failing that we need to start enlisting from our ranks . But whatever the course of action, we must do it NOW!!!!!!!

  • we won there was so much cheating, and the have an agreement not to follow up on fraud  votes ??? we  need to lift that agreement or its a waste of time, we need to contact the Electoral committee and get that deal off the courts, it not right they do this stuff without the people knowing what is going on, why bother to vote if they can't release that agreement in court?? it gives  the Dem's permission to cheat all they want ??

  • 4086205999?profile=originalWe conservatives should pledge our devotion,our energy to do just what is shown above, we should be ashamed but we can rectify all this by staying strong,stay focused, we are the caretakers of our country our constitution and we must not allow our country to become another has been laying on the socialist trash heap.  We should strive to either take over the Republican party or establish our own Conservative party, there really is no other alternative...


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