Are they planning to take down the grid?

Watching the Congressional hearings where they experts talk of the inability to get the grid up and running due to parts that are made in china for at least six months. Of the estimate that at least half of all Americans could die if the grid goes down. Why is it that our government who has tons of experts  telling them how to avoid a grid down and how to fix it so it will not impact us to the level of having to put martial law into affect, WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT DOING NOTHING?

What is operation Jade Helm? What is operation mapple resolve? Why do they run at similar time frames? Who is Mia Kelly?

Mia Kelly, with a job description that states "Cyber/IO Planner for Exercise JADE HELM at ICE," from August 2014 to present, showing that from January 2014 to August she was the "Cyber/IO Planner - Jade Helm for the VATC.

Why do they need "actors" to hold up their hands?

Are they planning something?

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