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Budesonide - Inhaler






Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to treat COVID-19

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  • The propaganda peddlers are lying to US now (to control the outcome), just as they lied to US about the entirety of the Vietnam War! And their lies turned a large portion of our nation against our own US military, as well as the patriots of South Vietnam. For proof, look no further than Richard Botkin's book - -"Ride The Thunder". It will tear your heart out and make you hate the liberal media propaganda liars to the point of wanting to choke the life out of every single one of their demented "opinionators"!
  • Mr. Kennedy who works for the Trump Administration has been doing research on the vaccines of the last 30+ years. He has factual proof that NOT ONE OF THESE VACCINES WAS TESTED PROPERLY. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY...NO NOT EVEN ONE! And Congress had the audacity to pass a law protecting Pharma from law suits whenever one of these vaccines harm those vaccinated. To say that the system is RIGGED is an understatement. Gates and company (Fauci and possibly others) are interconnected at the wallet. Fauci insists that there is no other solution to this virus other than a vaccine. How much $$,$$$,$$$ does he stand to make.
    The FBI should check his bank account unless their organization is rigged also. If you want to know what is going on always FOLLOW THE MONEY!
  • Check out this extremely informative video by Dr. Buttar:

    🛑🗣MUST WATCH!🗣🛑 This interview with this Doctor is SPOT on with everything that’s happening right now. (Catch it now before FB and/or YouTube censors or removes it all together...)

    Posted by Breana Janel on Sunday, April 19, 2020
  • Get ready for the VACCINE WARS....they are a comming soon. It is a violation of the Constitution to take away my decision to either take a vaccine or not take a vaccine. All of us ex military people took an oath to defend the Constitution against foreign and DOMESTIC enemies. These mandatory mandaters are domestic enemies in my opinion trying to deny our freedom of choice. To me they are DOMESTIC ENEMIES! Standby for the comming VACCINE WARS!
  • What ever happend to "MY Body MY health?" Money, greed and the politicizing of a pandemic to destroy a president happened. What should happen next is for Pres. Trump to fire all those involved in the FDA, CDC and DOJ... charging some with involuntary manslaughter for denying a cure to infected individuals who latter died... including thoes on the Ohio Pharmacy Board.
  • No, they are just nieve to think that the FDA and CDC are about health care alone... they are part of the Big Pharmacy corporate lock on developing drugs and protocals for treatments... its a multi, multi Billion dollar business and they can't let cheap, effective, non-patenable drugs or thearapies side tract their own often less effective poisonous cocktails from near mandated public use.
  • There should NEVER have been a lockdown. Also, there is plenty of indications that masks are useless. HQC is safe and has been used for 40 plus years with practically zero side effects. If administered early after the C-19 symptoms are noted along with azithromycin, it greatly enhances the infected persons recovery with minimal bad after effects.
  • Natural News says chlorine dioxide can be used to kill it.
  • Wrong could be. If treated properly one can survive. Lockdowns were unnecessary and I feel they knew that or sure do now and many still are keeping people from doing any normal activity.
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