Could this be the economic collapse and war that were not bred out of incompetence, but by design?-You Decide:

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4063551677?profile=originalAre 9 Dead Bankers A Sign Of Pending Economic Collapse and War? (Part 3)-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On March 11, 2014:


Economic Collapse By Design:

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Yet Another Suicide in the Financial Services Industry: Is There Something?-Posted on The Blaze-By Becket Adams-On March 15, 2014:

A recent string of apparent suicides in the financial services industry this year has given birth to a flurry of conspiracy and other theories suggesting that the deaths are somehow connected.

And the passing of a Wall Street trader earlier this week seems to have given new life to these speculations.

First, consider these earlier deaths, the ones that seemed to have inspired all the scare headlines about “banker suicides”:

1. Karl Slym:  The 51-year-old Tata Motors managing director was found dead near a Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok on Jan. 25, 2014. The British businessman jumped to his death, police said. His wife told local law enforcement officials that they had recently fought “at length” about a personal family matter. She said they argued for so long “she could not talk to her husband anymore.” Thai police said they found no trace of a struggle.

2. William Broeksmit: The recently retired 58-year-old senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG was found dead of an apparent hanging suicide in his home in central London on Jan. 26, 2014. Police are not treating the death as suspicious.

3. Gabriel Magee: The 39-year-old J.P. Morgan tech executive killed himself in London on Jan. 28, 2014, by jumping off of J.P. Morgan European headquarters. Police ruled his death as “non-suspicious.”

4. Mike Dueker: The 50-year-old chief economist Russell Investments was found dead Jan. 30, 2014, near the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington. Police said it appeared he jumped a four-foot fence and fell down the 40-50 foot embankment. Law enforcement officials said it appeared to be a suicide. Friends told police that he had been having problems at work before he went missing.

5. Ryan Henry Crane: The 37-year-old J.P. Morgan executive director died Feb. 3, 2014, of an apparent suicide. Police have not yet announced the cause of death. Instead, they said they’ll know more when a toxicology report comes out. That report won’t be ready for a couple more weeks. He worked in a unit that dealt in trading blocks of stocks.

6. Richard Talley: This is easily the strangest entry on this list. The 56-year-old founder of American Title Services in Centennial, Colo., was found dead Feb. 4, 2014, after he apparently shot himself seven or eight times with a nail gun. His company was under investigation by the Colorado Division of Insurance.

7. Dennis Li Junjie: The 33-year-old banker jumped to his death from the J.P. Morgan headquarters in Hong Kong on Feb. 18, 2014. The junior employee’s death is being treated as a suicide, police said. He jumped after attempts to talk him down failed.

8. James Stuart Jr: The 70-year-old former National Bank of Commerce CEO was found dead on Feb. 19, 2014, in Scottsdale, Ariz. His family has not yet commented on his cause of death. The Lincoln, Neb., native was known in his community as a “very successful” banker.

Questions about what these deaths could mean and theories about whether they’re connected have popped up all over Internet for the past three months, resurfacing this week with the death of a financial professional in Manhattan, N.Y.

Edmund Reilly, 47, a trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group, threw himself in front of a speeding Long Island Rail Road commuter train at around 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, the New York Post reported.

He was declared dead when authorities arrived.

A LIRR spokesman confirmed the trader’s identity, adding that the investigation into the apparent suicide is ongoing. Passengers on the train told local law enforcement officials they saw a man standing by the tracks as the train arrived and saw him jump.

“Eddie was a great guy,” a managing director at Vertical told The Post in an email. “We are very upset and he will be deeply missed.”

Reilly, a recent divorcee and father of three children, recently purchased a house near his ex-wife. A family friend told the Post that they saw him as recently as Sunday and remarked that Reilly “didn’t look good.”

The New York City trader’s apparent suicide marks at least the ninth financial services sector-related death this year, supposedly “confirming” for some the idea of there being a connection between these tragedies.

4063852683?profile=originalBut given the intense nature of the financial services sector and the fact that it from time to time experiences sudden increases in suicides (i.e. the Great Depression and the Great Recession), the recent deaths may not be as alarming (or mysterious) as some have suggested.

Consider, for example, the fact that finance workers are 1.51 times more likely to commit suicide than average, according to a Business Insider report based on data from National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Further, during the period of 1999, 2003 to 2004 and 2007, there were 329 suicides among “financial specialists,” the second worst rate of any profession tracked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the worst being “engineers and scientists” with 502 suicides).

The specific years tracked reflect the years for which funding was provided to study suicide trends. It’s also the most up-to-date data available.

Now, it’s important to note that the data “is neither comprehensive for all industries and occupations, nor a census of all suicides or all deaths,” a CDC spokeswoman told TheBlaze in an email.

Also, she explained, the “data retrieved from death certificates does not speak to whether the death suicide was work-related – it does not link occupation to suicide, only that the people who committed suicide happened to have a certain occupation.”

“Yet, it is our best source of information for initiating such inquiries,” she said, adding that the data gives us a starting point to start tracing a trend.


Additionally, it’s worth noting that the financial services and insurance sectors employed approximately 5.87 million people in 2012, according to data from the U.S. government.

And that’s just in America. In other words: It’s a massive industry.

This could mean that nine suicides are likely a statistical probability and nothing more.

Further, many of the people who have pointed to these “banker suicide” stories and suggested that they are somehow connected have conflated industry roles.

Yes, these suicides all have something in common: The financial services sector. But the dead are not all “bankers.” The suicides include members from every corner of the industry. Some are traders, some are economist, some are analysts and some bankers.

Former J.P. Morgan employees Magee and Dennis Li, for example, aren’t bankers. The former was responsible for overseeing technology for fixed-income securities while the latter worked as an associate in the billing department.

The suicides include members from very different lines of work in a very large industry.

4063852645?profile=originalSimply put, it’s more likely that these deaths, which are spread out all across the globe, are totally unconnected. Indeed, it’s more likely these deaths are the tragic product of an unforgiving and oftentimes brutal industry than the product of a conspiracy.

The financial services sector is a notoriously high-pressure, fast-paced world. It has been known to cause severe depression, which can eventually lead to suicide.

“You would expect that when people work these long hours,” Alexandra Michel, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker, told CNN Money when referring to two suicides at J.P. Morgan, a company that employs approximately 260,000 people. “You would think that it would happen much more often.”

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Video: Another JP Morgan Banker Leaps To His Death In New York City!-Posted on Before It’s News-By Mort Amsel (Reporter)-On March 18, 2014:


War By Design:

4063359777?profile=originalNote: The following recent article and/or blog and video relate to this disturbing and gut-wrenching issue-You Decide:

4063735392?profile=originalThe Malaysian Airliner Is NOT Missing & Much More!-Posted on The D.C. Clothesline-By Dave Hodges-On March 15, 2014:

The Malaysian airplane is not missing.  It is exactly where somebody has designed it to be. Also, with regard to the 80,000 Russian troops poised to invade Ukraine and with NATO moving forces into Norway, there is a war that could break out any day.

The coming world war is totally unnecessary. It will be fought with weapons and technology that is outdated by over a hundred years. The United States government has the ability to negate ANY Russian or Chinese weapon.

These two events and many world events are part of a grand theater which is being played out in order to create maximum chaos from which the New World Order will be rolled out. And this is all preventable because we have unimaginable technologies which could solve the problems that wars cannot.

How do I know what technologies are available to our government? I don’t, but my father did and this is a brief revelation of his work and why it matters to all of us.

Family Secrets

I am going to write about and partially reveal something that I have had knowledge of for over 30 years. If I would have revealed what I knew my father was working on while he was in the navy and immediately after his retirement, he would have gone to prison for life and my mother would have lost my father’s navy pension following his death. Now that both of my parents are deceased, it is time that the truth came out because it has a direct bearing on both the missing Malaysian airliner and the potential world war that Russia and NATO are preparing to fight. This would be a much easier article to write if it were about another family instead of my own because I detest bringing attention to my family.

A Chance Encounter

My wife and I were having lunch at a restaurant yesterday  and she was asking me what I thought was behind the missing Malaysian airliner. I told her that I could not be certain, but that our NSA and CIA knows exactly what happened to that plane and where it happened. Strangely, there was a man sitting in the booth behind us who leaned over and said “I could not help overhearing what you were talking about. I used to work for DARPA before retiring and madam your husband is correct. There is nothing that we could not monitor and that includes ships, planes, automobiles and people. We have technology that the public will not know about for  at least a 100 years.” Although he did not elaborate, I knew exactly what he was talking about.

This chance encounter reminded me how much I hate the deception that comes out of our government on a daily basis. We have the technology to do incredible good. We can reverse droughts, defend against all of our enemies weapons and we can even reverse the aging process. Yes, the super elite on this planet have decided to withhold most technological advances from the people so that we can continue to play out the old worn out game of one side going to war with the other, etc. etc. It is all about control, manipulation and mass murder and I am sick of it. I understand why whistleblowers do what they do because they get so disgusted that they cannot take it anymore. I understand it because I am about to engage in it for the same reasons.

Child’s Play

I mourn for the dead 239 missing passengers of the missing plane. And yes, they are undoubtedly dead. I have long known that our intelligence agencies, and probably the FSB and Mossad as well, have the ability to track every ship, airplane, every automobile and person in the world. Be warned that every conversation that you have, not just electronic, is monitored by a computer. There are no secrets. The ability to track any person of interest has existed for a long time. This is why some of us knew that the hunt for Osama Bin Laden was a joke designed to milk the cash cow that had become the war on terror for as long as possible. Therefore, there is no way that our intelligence agencies could not know what happened to the plane that has captured the attention of the media.

Originally, I remained quiet on the subject of the missing airliner because I thought it was a possibility that our government was going to launch a rescue mission because the plane had been hijacked and we were playing dumb in order to save these people. I had to remind myself that placing any kind of faith in this banker-hijacked government is naive at best. Any window of any rescue closed a few days ago. I do not know why this plane was brought down, although I suspect it was done to prevent a technology transfer to the Russians, but I do know that our government knows what happened and who did it. Now, to the point of the article.

Unrevealed Technology

My father did two tours of duty on the carrier, Roosevelt, before retiring from the Navy. In the 1980′s, my father was dying of mesothelioma as a result of being on ships with unabated asbestos. The Roosevelt was such a ship. In the last two years of his life, I visited my father on a nightly basis. It was in these conversations that I learned what my father had been involved in as a result of his work on the Roosevelt and his subsequent work at Martin Marietta which included work with former NAZI scientists as well as one Russian missile expert who had defected at the height of the cold war.

My father was one of the people who rewired the Combat Information Center on the carrier Roosevelt in order to accept the first nuclear weapons aboard a navy ship. Much of the work was done as the ship sailed around Cape Horn located at the southern tip of South America. They did so to escape detection from the Soviets. Later, my father was called back to the ship to make more adjustments to the Combat Information Center, in his second tour on the carrier. This was a highly secure and top secret project and nothing at that time was revealed to our family until my father told me 20 years later.

The Navy early retired my father six months before his actual retirement date and sent him to work at Martin Marietta in the mountains outside of Littleton, Colorado. My family was only told that dad was working on missiles. The truth, as he revealed to me in our nightly conversations, from 1983 to 1985, was that he was working with NAZI scientists on developing technologies which had been on their drawing board, but had not yet developed. Most know of Operation Paper Clip which reverse engineered NAZI technology into our military. However, what my father worked on was the theoretical aspect of what was planned but not yet manufactured.

As my father described, the project was highly compartmentalized and was first overseen by the Office of Naval Intelligence. Later, the CIA wrestled control away and took a very hands on approach. As my father’s responsibilities increased, he developed more awareness of the totality and purpose of the project. He surmised that he was working on a secret military space program complete with an independent weapons system and single craft capable of achieving orbit without the use of a booster rocket. Although my father never received direct confirmation, has was convinced that he was working in a militarized space program which was totally separate from NASA since none of the fruits of his labor ever ended up at the “civilian space agency”. NASA is no more than a cover for what our government has been working on for over 60 years. Why, at the heart of the cold war, would our government not be militarizing space? Of course we were militarizing space and it does not make sense to believe anything else. He told me that the technology that he worked on was an estimated 100-300 years ahead of anything that we had at that time.

Interestingly, my father was a fan of the TV show, Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry because he knew that the technology portrayed on the show had already been developed. He told me he was baffled as to why Roddenberry would be allowed to display the technology in such an open matter.

It was revealed to me that we had deep space platforms armed with weapons which could strike anywhere on the face of the planet and beyond. After my father left Martin Marietta, now known as Lockheed Martin, he went to work at Sundstrand Electric in Westminster, Colorado.  While at Sundstrand, he met the late Bill Pawelec, a CIA contract agent.  Bill Pawelec will eventually meet and become the significant other of my present News Director of The Common Sense Show, Annie DeRiso.  Both men performed work on developing a high tech surveillance system for use on the deep space platforms.

My father had warned me I could never publicly speak about these events until after both he and my mother had passed away. My father had signed a national security oath in which he waived all due process rights for any violation of his oath. Any violation would have been met with immediate incarceration to Leavenworth, with hard labor and all financial assets would be forfeited. My father passed away in 1985, but I could not say anything because my mother was receiving his Navy pension. I moved to Arizona three months later and filed away this knowledge and pursued my career interests.

The Art Bell Connection

In 1993, I was listening to the Art Bell show for the first time and Art was interviewing Vance Davis, formerly of the NSA. Vance said some things in the interview that made me think he might have known my father. I tried contacting Vance and left a message and provided the reason why I was contacting him. The next day, both Vance and Bill Pawelec contacted me. I developed a friendship with both men. And from Bill Pawelec, I learned even more about the work my father had done at Sundstrand. Privately, I confided in Bill and Vance and told them some of what I knew. Ten years later, through a meeting set up by Bill Pawelec, I had a clandestine meeting about these matters with noted author, Jim Marrs at the airport in Phoenix, in which I told Jim some of what I knew and he said it confirmed much of what he already knew on these topics. As a result of this meeting, I developed a relationship with Jim as he has been a guest on my talk show over a dozen times.

I still maintained a very low profile  until the forces of Senator John McCain and the CAFTA/CANAMEX Corridor group wanted to force myself and my 300 rural neighbors off of our land without any compensation. As a result of my fighting against McCain’s forces in the media, the late Pete Peterson gave me a position  as a talk show host on Sunday afternoons in Wickenburg, AZ. A couple of years later, John Stadtmiller offered me a similar position with the Republic Broadcasting Network. I was one upset person and went to war with the elite on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, I still could not reveal all that I knew because my mother was still alive.

My mother passed away three years ago and I was subsequently free to reveal what I knew, but I chose not to because I was engaged in the fight against the NWO on multiple fronts and did not feel the need to do so, until now.

I can accurately state that we possess the technology to stop all attacks upon the United States or any other area that we choose. What the public was told about with Reagan’s SDI program was a deceptive lie. The MX missile system, for example, was a very expensive disinformation ruse. During the Reagan years, we already had developed technology that most would recognize as being part of HAARP which could, for example, knock down all incoming ICBM’s using HAARP based, localized EMP type of technology, combined with the technology located on the deep space platforms. This war that we are getting ready to fight, is going to be fought with sticks and stones compared to what is available. Subsequently, all of this saber rattling and subsequent mass murder which is about to take place, is totally unnecessary.

Millions are needlessly going to die and if the conflict goes nuclear, billions will die. And this is all in the name of a few elite gaining more control so they can live out some preplanned fantasy for control of the planet.

How Advanced Is the Hidden Technology?

The short answer to the question in the subtitle is that I do not know. My information is based on events which happened in the late 1950′s to the mid 1960′s. What I do know is that only a very few know what I know. Only God and a few corrupt people know how far this technology has evolved. This is why I have no trouble believing Steve Quayle’s new book, Exogenesis, about transhumanism and the complete morphing of the human race.

With the suppressed technology, all drought and famine on the planet could end. Do you remember the old 1952 classic movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, in which a race of aliens had the ability to stop all war in the universe? We have the power to stop all war on the planet today and have had this technology for some time. Do you understand what I am saying, all war could be ended. We could be traveling to the stars and harnessing vast resources. It is highly likely that our military went to the moon long before Neil Armstrong given what I know about the technology which existed in 1960. However, the elite are not going to relinquish control and allow mankind to become what he was intended to become. Therefore, the technology is going to continue to be withheld and man’s suffering will continue as it has for some time. Given what JFK said in his Secret Societies speech, he knew what I am revealing as well and was not on board with the games being played.

What Is a Poor Christian To Do?

Now it should begin to make sense why I have advocated for not being in the banking system controlled by the whoremongers and warmongers.  I have also encouraged people to shop locally and stay out of the corporate entities. Turn off your TV and read a book, the Bible would be a great place to start. What did Jesus say about being in the world and not of the world? It still might be possible to collapse the corrupt system from the inside-out and begin anew. However, that ship has already sailed and I am sure it is too late.


Annie DeRiso and few of my close friends have been discussing if and when and how completely I should bring out what I know. Since the passing of my mother, I have often considered what I should do. Some have advised me to keep quiet because of the loss of credibility. I personally could care less about this possibility. I don’t know how much longer I am going to continue to write and broadcast. I have other things in life that I am missing out on and I grow weary of trying to arouse a public which is content to watch Dancing with the Stars instead of fighting back against the evil on this planet. As a former mental health professional, I learned that I cannot care more about clients than they care about themselves. There is a lesson to be learned from that experience regarding the multitude of sheep that inhabit our country.

I am well aware of the criticism that will follow this article and truthfully, I could care less. Since beginning broadcasting  seven years ago, I have heard allegations wondering where I came from and am I government troll and why did I just suddenly appear from nowhere? Annie DeRiso tells me that people ask her that question a lot. I have been awake for a very long time and I grow weary of the satanic evil that inhabits this planet along with the lack of intelligence and courage displayed by the masses.

What I do know is that this coming war is not needed and many of our kids are going to die. I am damn sure that the intelligence agencies knows how those 239 airline passengers died. You see, it is all a game that works because we choose to remain ignorant of the truth.

It was time to get mad about the state of the world a long time ago. A good time would have been when Jesus drove the money changers from the Temple. Now, we are going to pay the price for our disobedience to God and our absolute ignorance. I sincerely mean this when I say, may God have mercy on our souls. You would be well-advised to focus on adaptation and survival. Take the time to enjoy life while you still can, you may not get a second chance. Just remember that all of what is happening is totally unnecessary.

-   Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.

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Semper Fi!


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