Doesn't Pete Starck know that the borders aren't secure at all? Is he unaware that in the last three years alone over 180,000 illegals have been apprehended that were NOT Mexicans? At his own town hall meeting he mocked, ridiculed, and demeaned the Minutemen while ridiculously declaring that the borders were secure.

Doesn't the head of Homeland Security know that the borders aren't secure? She proclaimed them so in a recent interview with Greta van Susteren. Does she not read her departments field reports?

Doesn't the President remember (it wasn't that long ago) that he promised a group of Democrat U.S. Senators that abortions wouldn't be covered by the new health legislation? Well funding for abortions has begun.

Doesn't the president of General Motors know that the while the company did indeed pay back their original loan they did so only by securing a SECOND loan from the U.S. government and have not paid any of that?

Is anything said or proclaimed by this administration or those aligned with them true? Why do they believe they can lie to us with impunity? When did the citizenry cease to matter?

We can not stop. We can not even slow down. We must remove all of them and render them powerless. Freemen can not allow themselves to be lied to by those elected to govern.

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