Another Attack from Rove

This morning Karl Rove attacked Senator Cruz and the Tea Party again. In recent memory he attacked Michelle Bachmann for not doing anything with the Tea Party caucus. He’s also attacked Sarah Palin for resigning her governorship midterm. He expects the media to repeat his attacks and do his personal dirty work for him; they will. He is bitter about Palin because she knew she was in the cross hairs of republicans and democrats both. She left office before they and their minions in the media could destroy her. Like many of the high level operatives, Rove pretends to be volunteering his services to the country out of the goodness of his soul.

A closer look at politics where he has a hand in reveals something more sordid. I have a copy of the official GOP Maryland web page stored on my computer. Before the last election I went there to find information and perhaps position papers on Republicans running for office in Maryland. Dissatisfaction with democrats is at an all time high in Maryland and there were a few Republican newcomers to the race. I was hoping they might get some help from the Republican party, to help turn the tide of extreme liberalism here in Maryland.


What I found was a tiny drop down menu, and extremely small print, which, when selected, listed the names of Republican candidates and the offices they were running for. The Party went so far as to include hyper links to their facebook pages! That’s the extent of the help Republican candidates got in Maryland., even though there was a chance of making some inroads into elected offices here in Maryland.

However in large 20 point type was an advertisement to have lunch with Karl Rove and buy his new book. I think it cost $125.00 a plate to eat lunch with Rove. Henry VIII used to charge people to watch him eat too!! In Washington these lunches are a way of contributing money to the power brokers, without running afoul of any rules. Lobbyists will buy tickets and give them away to underlings. No-one has any interest in hearing what Rove has to say. He’s had his hands on the strings of power through backroom manipulation and cunning. He has no understanding of our republic or any worthwhile philosophy; he has no sympathy or understanding of the American spirit that has made this country great. His philosophy is avarice.

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