Anger is a Loser

Minnesota Governor Tim Paulenty: “Our great nation is facing a crisis in part because the government’s out of control, and it’s particularly out of control with its spending. It’s going to take us into a deep hole even further than we already are."


Paulenty is telling it like it is, but I’m here to tell you far more. My talk is out of the public’s sight, out of the public mind.  My talk is like the tiny mustard seed that in time becomes a great tree.


Hello anybody out there. This is Joseph Aquarius Smith talking. Senator Chuck Schumer is angry at the Chinese for manipulating money. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black . . .I was angry at the IRS. I went to the country law library to study the Constitution and how to proceed in taking the IRS to court. I heard voices of the past speaking to me.  Schumer, typical of a Democrat, is talking to himself.  We see where it’s getting him—up a creek without a paddle. Send this piece to him. He is badly in need of sound advice.


I sublimated my anger. I felt a bigger than life calling.  I challenged the all-powerful IRS. Not only did I win, but everything started going my way.  How could that be?  The answer lies in As A Man Thinketh by James Allen.  Read this little volume. It won’t take long.  Follow its advice  and you will be empowered.


If you knew the story of my life, you would marvel over how our thoughts affect our lives, how much power the right thoughts give us, how much the wrong thoughts sap us of our energy. It is no coincidence that the Democrats faired very badly at the mid-term election.  Winners are actors. Political Progressive is really political regressive, clinging to the status quo. The badly beaten Democrats are angry and playing the blame game.  It’s a certain loser.  


The profile of a Democrat: Extremely responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others, they unconsciously absorb the ideas and mental outlook of those around them. They desperately want to do the right thing, but as a rule they do not have strong willpower. Therefore, they are easily influenced by external factors.  The symbol of Pisces, two attached fishes, one swimming upstream and the other downstream, implying the drastic duality of emotions, Democrats, obviously unable to make up their minds, they belong to the Age of Pisces, an age of orthodoxy, an age we’re leaving. Let us inform Democrats that they cannot change that which is destined to be.


Instead of a solution to the problem Democrats caused—runaway government spending—Democrats blamed Bush and attempted to solve Bush’s problem by outspending him outrageously as a way out of recession.  Is it any wonder that they lost the election big time? Those big time losers are now angry at the opposition for the Tucson tragedy. What to do about lunatics who take their anger out on responsible, law abiding folks who make the wheels turn?  Never ask a Democrat.  Those control freaks will  every last time come up with ways to take away your liberties.


Liberty is not a right, folks, a right to be kept by the taxpayers if you don’t choose to produce.  Liberty is a personal responsibility.  America is going bankrupt because Democrats believe government has a duty to keep us. Tucson’s lunatic was well known. He should have been in a structured environment where he could have been brought back to good mental health,  but no, because it is better to have a Latino judge than a white male, the Democrat stand, lunatics are on the street, along with millions of the government entitled.  The result: mayhem and bankruptcy.


The Democrat’s anger is self-directed. If anything positive is ever done, it will not be done in Washington.  By leaving it to Washington and minding our own store, our stores are going bankrupt all over the place. America will soon enough become another banana republic with a dictator.  Frankly, I think it is too late to change the course we are on.  Washington is going to increase the debt limit and hope for a miracle.  Miracles don’t happen to people who take no responsibility for what they do.


But if I may be permitted to continue, it is not too late to change the course of history. You can be part of the energy that transforms humanity into being our brother’s keeper, be one of the age we are now entering, the Age of Aquarius.  The Aquarian is stubborn and determined to make his life better. The Aquarian operates as equals among equals. He is independent, personally responsible for his life, and self-reliant.


My advice: Decide what you can do, personally, to protect your constitutional rights—what you can do to bring back to life the document the American people ordained at the beginning of our great nation as their sacred torch of freedom.  If every member of the Tea Party took my advice, we could change the course of history, and not only that, but our personal lives could be made immeasurably better.  


We are now at a jumping off place. The choice is yours. Either fly with eagles or fall into the abyss. Speaking from personal experience, I studied the Constitution, sublimated my anger, jumped the hurdles placed in my way, and discovered my personal power. It became routine to face my challenges with determination. I became the person I was intended to be.  I’m Aquarius rising. 


We are each here with a unique purpose and a destiny.  Instead of Murphy’s Law—if anything can go wrong it will—the Higher Law, when everything could go wrong everything goes right, the background of the Constitution, live by it.  You will be part of our human destiny. All of your dreams will come true.




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  • And to forfeit is to perish.

    I agree with you too Wayne.

    We sit here belly aching on this blog site. It is time for us to find someone, of our own choosing, who will step up to the plate and send that sucker out of the stadium.

    This Tea Party movement is a phenomena that has the ability to make the things that need to be done for this Country happen.

    Joseph said it well, and so too have you.

    There are supposed to be more than a thousand members of this one Tea Party site alone.

    Over two million Nationwide, and more everyday I am sure.

    Where are they?

    Where are the rest of the voices that are supposed to be clamoring for the right things to be done in Washington?

    Why are we not actively trying to choose a candidate of our own?

    Someone who is not an Insider?

    Someone who will take them by the throat and shake them back to wakefulness!

    Are we just on here venting our spleens into the void? 

    We have about ten months left. It is time to get to work!

  • Very well spoken Joseph.

    Truly words to take to heart.

    And I am glad to detect that you have a healthy sense of humor.

  • Joseph, I have to agree with you on this as well.  We do have an opportunity to change our course, to change our destiny.  It is true that the choice is ours and we are at a jumping off place.  It truly is time to make that decision and to act and not just talk and complain about the status quo.  Once upon a time in our history, our forefathers had the vision to put forth in writing The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.  The vision these individuals foresaw was not because they were psychic and had a crystal ball to look into for their knowledge.  They had this vision because they were living under an oppressive government.  They knew how precious these god given rights were because they themselves had to risk their lives to go forth  to a new land, an undeveloped land with nothing but what they brought with them to survive.  And they did it.  They defeated the most powerful military force on the planet in order that you and I may enjoy these rights.  Now, we find ourselves under the same government in which they risked their lives to escape.  Though they are gone, they left behind a contract, a binding contract...between the Citizens of this country and the government of this country.  It is the Declaration Of Independence and the Bill Of Rights.  Our government is, as I speak,  totally trashing and ignoring these documents, only to gain the power over the citizens of this country.  They are robbing all of us of our heritage and our future.  People, we must organize and act if we are ever to change our present delay is to forfeit.
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