Roadside Bombs In Topeka

Though the numbers and nomenclature might differ subtly depending upon the respective branch of the military, the following is a guide with respect to the assemblage of soldiers:  a squad consists of 8-13; a platoon is made up of 26-64; a company, 80-225 and is commanded by either a captain or major; a battalion has from 300-1300 under the auspices of a colonel; a regiment or brigade is comprised of 3000 to 5000 and overseen by a brigadier general; a division has 10,000-15,000 and is guided by a major general; 20,000 to 45,000 comprises a corps (pronounced “core” not “corpse”, Mr. President) and is commanded by a lieutenant general.  There are four distinct categories which rise above those listed and drift into military esoterica, but for the average person these are terms we hear frequently and this outline provides a reference.

Janet Napolitano has established the equivalent of a “Corps” in less than four years. It must be one of those “just add water” type things.  Experience:  nebulous. Qualifications: negotiable.    Mission:  suspect.  Goal:  domination through intimidation.  Demands:  Itchy trigger finger and a bully complex.

Cliches and isolated instances aside, the military is a well-run organization and overseen by disciplined and highly educated personnel steeped in general and advanced principles of management in addition to military strategy.  Its commanders oversee expenditures which comprise approximately 20% of the country’s budget, excluding immediate and unforeseen needs of war, and the decisions which must be made involving life and death would make the average CEO certain to have an ample supply of Depends nearby.  In short, the responsibility and impact of the military on and for our country is immense.

I do not reference the military industrial complex as the cavalierly sardonic liberal who fails to understand the very reason they can run their mouth is because of the bravery and sacrifice of generations who served, and instead state it as such in order to describe its scope, for in addition to the 20% of the national budget, there are civilian contractors who benefit as well from the needs of the military regarding assets that are researched, developed, and ultimately procured, and those roots seek water in so many aspects of the economy one would need a flow-chart of unimaginable proportions to  begin to comprehend how integral the military is to commerce specifically, and of our lives in general.

It is no accident that our country has the best military in the world, because it is the end-product of decades upon decades of refinement, filled with practices which further tradition, and as an entity writ large it is to be admired, not only for its ongoing defense of the country but as a catalyst for spurring research, technology, and commerce.

Funny thing.  Janet Napolitano has established the equivalent of a “Corps” in less than four years. It must be one of those “just add water” type things.  Experience:  nebulous. Qualifications: negotiable.    Mission:  suspect.  Goal:  domination through intimidation.  Demands:  Itchy trigger finger and a bully complex.  She has amassed a personal army at the largesse of Mr. Obama, who has insulated her from scrutiny and allowed her to dismiss Congress and stare down oversight members with the glare of an executioner and the cold blooded demeanor of a reptile.  She now controls 2700 MRAP’s, which stands for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, used principally in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect soldiers from IED’s, or improvised explosive devices more commonly known as roadside bombs.  Of the 10,000 such vehicles manufactured in the last four years at over $500 million apiece, she has managed to acquire over 25% of them for “domestic use.”  Additionally, as an amendment to last week’s commentary that erroneously stated she had amassed over a billion hollow point rounds of ammunition, that number now stands at over two billion, enough to wage a conventional war for a mind-warping 26 years.

Something is wrong here, people.  Something is radically, fundamentally, and severely flawed.

Certainly, inner city crime remains high and those statistics skew more wildly thanks to the ineptitude of flaming Rahm Emmanuel, but, 2700 MRAP’s?  For what, roadside bombs in Topeka?  A ten man militia group in Laramie?  How about the hollow point arsenal?  The military can’t use hollow points because they are deemed too inhumane for war.  Something grotesquely sinister is afoot and it is targeting US citizens while Mr. Obama is fixated upon disemboweling the military, stripping it of resources as of this writing, and determined to slash its budget.  Police departments are back-ordered on ammunition requests for up to a year and are being forced to barter among themselves, yet there’s no let up in the accumulation of lethal force at “Homeland Security”, a misnomer which grows with every passing day, for it has been elevated and armed to wage a domestic war against citizens with such enormous resources that the military and police would arguably be neutered.  Aside from the ominous and chilling amount of assets at her disposal, where have oversight committees been while this gruesome arsenal has grown?  She didn’t acquire this hideous amount of armament and ammunition overnight, so Congress was, either, sniveling and scared to challenge the administration or was comatose.  Neither is acceptable.

Don’t we already have a National Guard?  There is no fathomable purpose under any scenario whatsoever wherein the usage of military assets by this “corps” is intended to produce anything fruitful or protect citizens, and instead, it smells sinister to a point that it rivals Nazi Germany in its scope and ultimate potential.  There is no logical explanation that is acceptable, even when Napolitano deigns to snarl at Congress.  The training of the brown shirts cannot compare to the readiness and sophistication of the military, and there cannot be a war strategy, unless the interpretation of conflict is to attack and control innocent citizens. The omnipotent arrogance of the Director as an extension of the executive branch portends unthinkable doom, for law enforcement and martial law differ greatly.  Soldiers?  Hardly.  Just because I wear a #4 Green Bay Packers jersey down at the park, it doesn’t make me Brett Favre.

I have received countless expressions of concern for my well-being for writing critically of this administration, which speaks volumes about the air of fear and intimidation upon with Mr. Obama and his minions pride themselves.  The last I checked, I still live in the United States and am entitled to First Amendment protection regarding freedom of speech.  No threats have been made toward the circus people in the White House, and all predictions and extrapolations are based on empirical data.  Calling someone an inept ideological puppet is not prohibited nor is pointing out that someone’s wife dresses like she works in a Filipino hump-hump bar, and there is no violation of law for explaining that a pointed head fits nicely in a dunce cap.

The reality is that the spine of the country for years has been the military, which could easily be complemented by achieving energy independence.  Obama is intent upon gutting one and steadfastly refuses to develop the other while building a “citizens army” of unprecedented proportions.

Where did this guy come from, and what is his game?  Too me, it’s all too “transparent.”


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  • Is this how Hitler came into power in the 1930's, i.e., with his own "army" to take control of the government through the back door instead of being elected.  I wonder what their real agenda is?  What do they intend to do with all of this hardware?  You, as an American citizen, should be asking questions and writing to your Senators and Representatives.

  • Good article!!! FIRST AMENDMENT of the natural physiological gift given to us by God.

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