To the Chair, HJC : House Judicial Committee letter dated July 31, 2013 to President Obama

Chairman, House Judicial Committee The Honorable Bob Goodlatte


I have read your letter to President Obama and while I agree with the content and findings of your Investigation - I do not agree with the method of this letter.

Sir, Americans in their millions are watching Congress and what we see is a Congress who appears to be deathly afraid of doing anything against this administration - regardless of their crimes.

This is not only puzzling - it is ominous........

Americans do not understand how crimes can be committed, Contempt can be committed - yet Congress sits idly by and writes letters... When every American Citizen knows that if they themselves committed any such crime, they would quickly find themselves behind bars.

Apparently, any member of President Obama's administration knows they can lie cheat and steal from this Nation without damaging their career or risking incarceration.

This is apparent with administration officials "pleading" the Fifth Amendment in testimony - when they are publicly accountable officials and subject to Federal Law. Administration officials (like Mr. Holder) who deceive in testimony - or outright lie in testimony - yet are not held accountable in the historical response to such lies and deception to Congress.... Impeachment.

Americans question just what Congress is up to and why Congress has such apparent fear for this administration.

You have to understand Sir; this is a very valid question.

I have told you in previous letters to the HJC that until such a time as the Rule of Law is reinstated by Congress - this will continue and our Nation will continue to decline without Congressional action.

If this Nation has to endure another three years of this I do not expect our Nation to survive and I expect our Constitution to be destroyed, citizens in slavery.

Congress must act and you are faced with a perfect opportunity to begin - Impeach Eric Holder. You certainly do not need President Obama's opinion nor do you need his permission!

If Congress acts with Impeachment in this issue, President Obama is placed on notice Congress will no longer tolerate violations of the Rule of Law and there is hope our Nation will survive his term.


Aubrey Mason San Antonio, Texas

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