The Honorable Congressman Smith                                         27 April 2013

The Honorable Senator Cornyn

The Honorable Senator Cruz

The Honorable Senator Paul



This morning on Face Book I discovered an atrocity I wanted to make you aware of.

The "Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee" (DLCC) is actively lying to Americans! This is absolutely DISGUSTING and I ask you all put an immediate stop to it!

They are claiming it is the "Right-Wing Extremists" who are dismantling Medicare - and the low information voters have no clue they are lying.... The DLCC fails to mention it was Mr. Obama who took $720 Billion dollars from Medicare to fund his "obamacare", they fail to mention it was this administration that took $2.6 Trillion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund - and then Mr. Obama claimed on-camera that Social Security would be insolvent by 2017...

Gentlemen - these are lies, complete fabrications - and we are tired of it! Those that listen and vote in his favor are those who listen to his arguments - BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE NOT STANDING UP TOGETHER AND TELLING THE TRUTH!

I know you are Honest men and I apologize if my remarks offend you  - but folks... you MUST stand together and tell the truth LOUDLY as there are far too many Americans who feel their vote does not count, that they cannot make a difference, that it's too much trouble.... and as a result - they fail to vote in elections - and we have seen the results of that. Low voter turnout, voter apathy, have been reasons why the Democrats won seats and Conservatives did not.

We need to change that and #1 on that list of things to do is stand together and speak the truth LOUDLY! Senator Paul and Senator Cruz do this on a regular basis. Texan's need to hear the truth from their elected and I ask you to stand with these other two and demand accountability from the Democratic party for lying to Americans in their attempts to gather votes in their favor!

I ask that you engage your peers to do the same!

With all of these scandals now surrounding the White House, we need to bring Truth, Honesty and Justice back into our Government!




Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas




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