The Honorable Congressman Smith                         4 June 2013

The Honorable Senator Smith

The Honorable Senator Cruz



There have been all kinds of accusations that Veterans who speak out against the injustices our current administration forces on Americans are simply crazed, PTSD'd conspiracy theorists....  This administration has been the champion of those accusations, even in your own Senate - it was Diane Feinstein claiming all Military Veterans had PTSD and should not have the ability to own a weapon.


I submit to you that on 7 April 2009 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a document to all Law Enforcement agencies in the United States, document IA-0257-09, titled; "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment".
You can get your own copy here:

Congressman Smith wrote a letter to Janet Napolitano - and she apologized to Veterans.... yet Congress failed to demand this document be immediately revoked. It stands today as this administration's flag effort in conspiracy and the "legal" (sic) means they are utilizing.


I submit to you that the Department of Veterans Affairs has been removing the 2nd Amendment rights of Veterans at an alarming rate - without due process of Law - and reports have the number now at greater than 160,000 Veterans who have lost their rights. Veterans are fighting this unlawful action in Court... but that means they must expend monies they do not have - to fight an illegal  government action they should not have to fight in the first place!


I submit to you there is a government program called "Operation Vigilant Eagle" that profiles Veterans as terrorists, gives this administration a "legal" cover  - as this administration is the author of this program...... DHS document IA-0257-09 is their basis and focus.

Why, under Congressional testimony, do you think the FBI told Congress they were not looking for these Islamic individuals who bombed Boston? Their focus was on us.... not them.

And Gentlemen - the last time I heard.... "profiling" was illegal.


So I have a question for you. I really do not need an answer - what I want to see is action;

When, exactly, does this scenario go from being a theory of conspiracy - to a bona-fide, recognized conspiracy? How does Congress figure that out?

It seems to me - and a few million others - you have all the information and evidence you could possibly want and require. This administration was the provider.... and it's all lying openly in front of you for review.


When Sir's, are you going to connect the dots and realize this administration is determined to remove and silence every Veteran they can, every Veteran who speaks out against the corruption, abuse of power and illegal acts this administration does? Claiming they are a terrorist...

When are you going to realize this is not a "conspiracy theory" but a very real conspiracy - one perpetrated by our own government... that same government I spent 26 years of my life serving as a Soldier.

When are you going to act and remove this administration in its entirety? This is not a partisan action... this is an issue that involves Veterans of all political affiliation and should be treated as such! This is a Constitutional issue and the rights granted every American - not just Veterans. If this administration is allow to continue their path, the next ones will certainly be Christians. There is already proof that is the direction they are headed.

And a sidebar; at some point Congress will be deemed irrelevant and you too will be removed. I pray you act before that happens.



SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas



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