An open letter to Congress;  House and Senate

Honorable Gentlemen and Ladies;

I write today asking why you are not watching out for this Nation, why you are so easily deceived by the rhetoric, smoke and mirrors.... why you are not immediately taking action to protect this Nation, it's assets and its Citizens?

Or are you onboard with this administration?

Back in 2009 this administration forced a policy on this Nation that was extremely ill advised and the result of that failed policy is our economy in shambles, housing market in shambles, homeowners in foreclosure and a $43 Trillion dollar lawsuit for Racketeering and Money Laundering directed against White House staff, Mr. Eric Holder, numerous Bankers - and others.....

And I quote from the article found at;

" This lawsuit represents the most massive scale of corruption, theft of public funds, laundering, racketeering, and failure of the government to pursue its duty to the citizens of America in history. It promises to unveil and divulge the corrupt inner workings of the federal government along with its malignant relationship with the banking industry, Wall Street, and government officials who have considered themselves cunningly beyond the law!"

Mr. Obama, just the other day, claimed he wants to do the same thing again and has begun his attempts to coerce banks to provide sub-prime mortgages..... this has been widely publicized and easily found in the Washington Post.

Honorable Gentlemen and Ladies;   I submit that some among you may argue history's cyclic nature - but this one is not only close, it is exactly the same. The Chinese proverb comes immediately to mind - and this looks like insanity - or an agenda.

It may be designed to provide a springboard to declare martial law with executive orders as our Nation revolts when Citizens discover our Nation is now bankrupt because this administration has completely drained our National resources. And this may be the actual reasons...

How serious are you about "Honor" and upholding the oath of Office you were required to swear to sit that office? It does not matter what party you belong to, what the color your skin is, what religion you adhere to - we are talking about America and the Citizens of America.

Bottom line: "We the People" elected you to do a job. Like any employer, we expect our employees to do what "WE" want them to do,  not what "they" want to do and certainly not what others (also elected) - want them to do....

In any business or enterprise - when employees refuse to listen to the Boss - they get fired. This is a given. To think otherwise - you are deceiving yourself.

This crosses party lines.....  Do the job our Constitution demands you do and put an immediate stop to this. Pull the money plug on this administration immediately.



Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

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  • We do have an unanswered interesting question. After Rodman visited N. Korea, why the sudden radical N. Korean powers that be. If military it does not matter who is pulling the strings, but this happened after that visit. Could it be that the radical Liberals are shoving it in our face again as Obama did with "Fast and Furious?" Right after the felon drug dealers got their assault weapons compliments of Obama, against his own people, he attacks our Second Amendment. Is he suggesting the truth about himself and supporters? 

    I heard one fool commentator that suggested, against all that we now know, suggest that society has not changed? So you and the American public must suggest that gun rights are our problem. Is this not the typical lie?

    One 15 year old boy was attacked verbally by teachers in 3 different schools for telling facts and truth! He wrote a paper on these. One teacher chewed him out for 45 minutes for telling facts! Where are we in our educational system that we pay for? Obama or our elected do not pay for it, we are. They only seem to corrupt it as they did during the Vietnam conflict! If we did not recognize the big corruption and Communist agenda then, we need help, and look at now! 

  • Where is our Liberal media in support of our Nation? Oh, wrong media as they support our full destruction out of ignorance and stupidity. If one looks at what they support and refuse to give up, it is lying and corruption! We can thank them for our lost in Vietnam and the people in Nam and China know who is to blame! We are told that China has had to put a lid on the internet about what is happening here. The reason is the Nobel Peace Prize winner that blew the whistle on the Chinese Government about the opinions of the Chinese people! We are told that they would kill Obama in a millisecond! They hate him as should all freedom loving people. But our Liberal media love him. Whatever he does, it will be lied about, if wrong, which means many lies they have said! One of the sadist things that has happened is with our black community. We have a religious bunch of liars in the pulpit in the churches! Our sisters and brothers better wake up as to what is going on. If your Reverend or Pastor does not teach from the Scriptures then he is a fraud! If one claims to be a Christian and does not know Christ through the prayer of Salvation, you are fooling no one but yourself!

  • Outstanding

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