An open letter to Congress

Gentlemen, Ladies,

I am truly sorry I intrude on your work so often - but the truth must be heard.

We are facing a National Security crisis of a magnitude unknown in our history.
I wrote you earlier today of the "state department" involvement in the Ukrainian uprising - and the possibility the "state department" may have been involved in the Russian oil refinery destruction.
I wrote that if Prime Minister Putin found indisputable evidence our "state department" was involved in the latter - we, as a Nation and people - might find ourselves in dire circumstances indeed - as Russia may take action against our Nation - possibly in force.

While I pray that does not happen - below is an article I discovered from the Turner Radio Network showing there is something else going on you really should be paying attention to.

I pray you remove this corrupt administration in it's entirety before citizens pay the price for their actions and deeds..............

I believe I speak for every citizen of this Nation when I say this: We do not want war!

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  • hey! Robert I am with you I don't think I could make on this one but I am with you in spirit

  • we the people,who are the real government.we are going to Washington dc,on may 16,2014 for oas{operation American spring}we are calling on everyone we know,around the corner and around the world,forget any help from the treasonous money stealing politicans,time to sweep the stench out of Washington dc.god bless American veternas/citizens

  • I want freedom more than I do not want war! If it takes Americans to go to OUR White House and remove this Marxist fool, then it shall happen, no matter how many give their life! Yes, Obama in not worth one American life but our Nation and our freedoms are!

  • well people it seem to me that this nation is going down because no one has the guts to do what is right anymore

  • I would diffinitly put Obama on board with this crap.  His hatred for America and its citizens is taking him over. More trouble thank to him.  Perhaps this will ignite a few fires and impeachment will start.

  • Lets face it people sending letters to the member of congress or call them is over we need to go to Washington and demand the overthrow the president and his administration that's the only way we change this around
  •    No luck clicking on turner Radio ,  nevertheless ,  no thanks to Obamass we still have the proverbial rifle behind ever blade of grass , this will stand against any attacks short of nuclear and if they nuke Washington first they may be doing the rest of the nation a favor .

  • Way past time to get all the dual citizens Zionist out of the state department and any other branch of government where their influence can cause harm to this once great nation.

  • the moment is here people the only way that this president is not going to be successful is we the people overthrow his administration forget about impeachment now is to take action to overthrow him and his administration

  • Perhaps Progressives have invented a unique way to kill our nation.


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