Respectfully Ma'am - more than 130 million of us have been demanding this for a couple of years now.....
WE do not see this as a lack of citizen support - we see this as an abject failure of Congress as a body to observe and abide by Federal Law and the Constitution of the United States.

In our millions we have shut down your phone systems on multiple occasions, marched on DC unlike any time in the history of this nation - millions of Americans have brought DC to a screeching halt and gridlock several times!!!!
Did Congress pay attention?
No, they did not.

You say in your article you want citizen support.... yet citizens in their millions HAVE lawfully petitioned their government for redress - and Congress ignores us.
Ma'am - we have all grown weary petitioning members of Congress because we see NO action - despite the evidence and testimony Congress already has in it's possession. Congressman Bob Goodlatte received testimony a few months ago telling Congress that if the government, this administration - refused to abide by the Rule of Law - why should citizens abide by the Rule of Law?
What happened?
And you will note - Citizens continue to abide by the Rule of Law....

My personal opinion is that if Congress followed Federal Law and the Constitution - Lois Learner and Erick Holder would have been immediately arrested - but what happened?
We also believe that if Congress would abide by Federal Law and the Constitution - and begin arresting and charging these people with treason - you would get all the evidence you need to begin arresting ALL of them....
Because none of these people are going to be willing to do Life Sentences - or the death penalty - for mr obama.... they would start running their mouth and all the truth would come out in volumes......

We all want to know when Congress is going to arrest this man and every person in his administration for TREASON. If Congress fails in this - millions of Americans are going to die. The apparent belief in Congress that all of this "is just politics" is a FALSE belief................ Anyone in Congress who adheres to this false belief is either complicit in his crimes - or deceiving themselves.......

His first targets will be Veterans with any Operations experience - we are the most dangerous citizens to him.... then he will move against every other Military Veteran, then he will target the average citizen who has spoken out against him.
We just do not know when he's going to do it.
Many of us believe we are teetering on the verge of a civil war - and those of us with Combat experience do not want to see that, no - not at all...

Yet we also see what we are faced with - and we fail to understand how Congress could not see what is right in front of your face!

He has already raised an unconstitutional "Army".
He has provided this "Army" with US Military weapons, billions of rounds of ammunition (and continues to buy more), Armored Military Combat vehicles, to include DRONES!
He gave himself the ability by executive fiat to declare Martial Law - in a time of peace...
He has given himself the ability to murder or indefinitely incarcerate any American without evidence OR Due Process of Law - and Congress signed off on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congress FIRST "wakeup call" was when he showed his true colors back in April 2009 with the issue of DHS document IA-0257-09 : - just four (4) months into his first term.....
What did Congress do?
A few members wrote letters demanding an apology........ NOT LETTERS DEMANDING REVOCATION!

Ma'am, all of us continue to consider all of you folks tagged herein our Champions - but delaying action only allows mr obama to gather his forces and illegal authority to destroy our Nation.
You (Congress) are treating each and every illegal act as an isolated incident - when you should take the tactical view and see the entire "Big Picture" of what he has done and what he is doing......
This tells every person witnessing this - we witness unbridled TREASON!

cc: Congressman Tim HuelskampCongressman Darrell E. IssaCongressman Steve Stockman, Congressman Louie Gohmert, Congressman Trey GowdySenator Ted CruzSenator Rand PaulTea Party

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  • The courts are part of the problem, they're not endowed to be on the Constitution's side. It's too late people, we are losing this war before it even really begins. We need to STEP IT UP, physically.

  • Screw impeachment, hang him and all of the 535 members of Congress/Senate. But this won't happen until we get through the 1st line of defense for the govt, the LEO's.

  • Robert, impeach, CONVICT, arrest. Then indict in a federal court, arrest, try, and convict for treason!

    As you point out, only God can now save America.


  • I could not agree with this more....time is awasting!

  • You have my undivided support to Impeach & Arrest Obama!!! GOD SAVE AMERICA!!!

  • Out of the Ashes is my favorite book series of all time! We sure could use a Ben Raines, and a Tri-States Constitution right about now!

    Ben Raines in 2016!


  • I am an avid reader,,, William W. Johnstone. Out of the Ashes series, The parallels are uncanny.

  • You have that backwards, Michelle. Congress has the support of the people. The people are the ones who have no support from Congress....and they wonder why so many are angry.

  • Agreed!

  • L Douglas Brannock, how true. And it was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who was responsible for vetting the Democrat Party nominee.

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