Respectfully Ma'am - more than 130 million of us have been demanding this for a couple of years now.....
WE do not see this as a lack of citizen support - we see this as an abject failure of Congress as a body to observe and abide by Federal Law and the Constitution of the United States.

In our millions we have shut down your phone systems on multiple occasions, marched on DC unlike any time in the history of this nation - millions of Americans have brought DC to a screeching halt and gridlock several times!!!!
Did Congress pay attention?
No, they did not.

You say in your article you want citizen support.... yet citizens in their millions HAVE lawfully petitioned their government for redress - and Congress ignores us.
Ma'am - we have all grown weary petitioning members of Congress because we see NO action - despite the evidence and testimony Congress already has in it's possession. Congressman Bob Goodlatte received testimony a few months ago telling Congress that if the government, this administration - refused to abide by the Rule of Law - why should citizens abide by the Rule of Law?
What happened?
And you will note - Citizens continue to abide by the Rule of Law....

My personal opinion is that if Congress followed Federal Law and the Constitution - Lois Learner and Erick Holder would have been immediately arrested - but what happened?
We also believe that if Congress would abide by Federal Law and the Constitution - and begin arresting and charging these people with treason - you would get all the evidence you need to begin arresting ALL of them....
Because none of these people are going to be willing to do Life Sentences - or the death penalty - for mr obama.... they would start running their mouth and all the truth would come out in volumes......

We all want to know when Congress is going to arrest this man and every person in his administration for TREASON. If Congress fails in this - millions of Americans are going to die. The apparent belief in Congress that all of this "is just politics" is a FALSE belief................ Anyone in Congress who adheres to this false belief is either complicit in his crimes - or deceiving themselves.......

His first targets will be Veterans with any Operations experience - we are the most dangerous citizens to him.... then he will move against every other Military Veteran, then he will target the average citizen who has spoken out against him.
We just do not know when he's going to do it.
Many of us believe we are teetering on the verge of a civil war - and those of us with Combat experience do not want to see that, no - not at all...

Yet we also see what we are faced with - and we fail to understand how Congress could not see what is right in front of your face!

He has already raised an unconstitutional "Army".
He has provided this "Army" with US Military weapons, billions of rounds of ammunition (and continues to buy more), Armored Military Combat vehicles, to include DRONES!
He gave himself the ability by executive fiat to declare Martial Law - in a time of peace...
He has given himself the ability to murder or indefinitely incarcerate any American without evidence OR Due Process of Law - and Congress signed off on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congress FIRST "wakeup call" was when he showed his true colors back in April 2009 with the issue of DHS document IA-0257-09 : - just four (4) months into his first term.....
What did Congress do?
A few members wrote letters demanding an apology........ NOT LETTERS DEMANDING REVOCATION!

Ma'am, all of us continue to consider all of you folks tagged herein our Champions - but delaying action only allows mr obama to gather his forces and illegal authority to destroy our Nation.
You (Congress) are treating each and every illegal act as an isolated incident - when you should take the tactical view and see the entire "Big Picture" of what he has done and what he is doing......
This tells every person witnessing this - we witness unbridled TREASON!

cc: Congressman Tim HuelskampCongressman Darrell E. IssaCongressman Steve Stockman, Congressman Louie Gohmert, Congressman Trey GowdySenator Ted CruzSenator Rand PaulTea Party

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  • If the Government starts killing people for there guns, we have on choice we haft to fight,

  • Everything Glenn Beck exposed and predicted several years ago either is or is about to come true.

  • I will bet dimes to dollars that this letter will do NOTHING to move congress, Half of the republican congress (house and senate)are progressives that is why the speaker has not appointed special prosecutor because he is worried about himself being caught up in that net.

    obama will not be impeached as the media will never allow it and harry ried will block it as he has blocked anything from the house.

  • Fact: President Obama will never be impeached. He's half black and even if the House introduced a Bill of Impeachment, he would never be convicted by the Senate, it's dominated by left leaning Democrats and Republicans!!

  • It is sad to say but, I am willing to bet the farm this Congress'person' will claim she never received this letter!!!!

    That is EXACTLY how the Politicians in DC work.

    "WE" need to start working on "Recall" Petitions for these poor deaf politicians........... Perhaps they would get the message THEN.


    "IF" they rig the elections, WE move forward rapidly with recall petitions!!!

    Everyone I have talked to in just about every State would be willing to put up $5.00 each towards a legal fund to FORCE Congress to do their jobs or, pay hefty fines/penalties for Dereliction of Duty of the Office of Congress!!!

  • Carole, the Founders and Framers at times had some serious disagreements with each other as to tactics and even the structure of government. Consider the Federalist AND Anti-Federalist Papers. At time things got heated. It was so much so that there was a dual in which one was mortally wounded.

    Of course we need to forge strong common grounds. I for one believe that the Constitution interpreted in an exegetical manner and the Declaration of Independence are that common ground.

  • FELLOW PATRIOTS, Stop all this negative talk.  Our founding fathers had a lot heavier odds against them than we do, and they fought and gave their VERY LIVES for this country.  You're going to talk yourselves right out of participating in taking this country back.  And Butch, once we win all the seats in the Senate simple GREED will make it easy to TURN those fence sitting democraps. They'll start voting with the newly elected patriots... thinking we'll forget about them next mid term.  We'll get the rest of them in 2016 when we replace this traitor.  All of you, STOP BEING SO DEFEATIST.  We need EVERYBODY ON DECK, EVERYBODY PARTICIPATING, ENCOURAGING....E N C O U R A G I N G  each other, helping out with each others TPP Candidates when they need some $$.  EVERY DOLLAR WE CAN SEND WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  STAY THE COURSE.  MY GOODNESS, WE'RE ONLY 8 MONTHS AWAY FROM REGAINED FREEDOM, IMPEACHMENT.  STAY THE COURSE.

  • PS: Some things we have to put upper most in our minds patriots is that even though there is a vote coming that does NOT mean it will be conducted legally..especially if the left thinks they can loose.  They have gone to extreme measures to make sure we are thwarted at every turn.   They are not about to go quietly is going to take extreme measures on our part too.   Routing out the evil that has settled into  Washington will be very hard, but so will living under One World Order Communism!!  Then there are the mulism's and their Islam to deal with...illegals and their rude demands and who knows what or whom else??!!  There will never be a time again that this country is not in turmoil I do not think.    While other nations build on what they have learned from America; the 'West' as they call us, and bask in a better living because we gave them aide and fought their battles for them..we will be living from hand to mouth if that!!   They will NOT rush to our sides to help us!!  No they will site there and say we deserve it because we were so arrogant...well that proves not too many see what we were created for!   If we had not become the world power that we were once, they would not be where they are today either.   What is in store for us is the kind of life they are used to living before the bigger than life few with all the money really pushed for power.   If we do not stand up and fight there is only a quicker death for us all.  Why do you think our Founding Fathers placed into our documents the statement that -when the people see that their government is going against the laws and against the people that we have the right and must remove them all from office....and that IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO DO.   NOT WITH A VOTE EITHER...BUT A DEMAND THEY GET OUT OF WA AND GET SOME REAL PATRIOTS IN THERE TO TAKE is going to have to be the people that get this nation back into shape and stop those that have lost their minds!   Communism, Islamism, leftism and One World Order is NOT what America is about EVER!   The fight is not going to be fact it is going to be the hardest thing we have ever done but if we donot want the alternative we are going to have to FIGHT!

  • Sorry folks, but even if you could get an honest vote. Which I do not believe is possible! And even if you won all of the seats available this time around. You would still be short of a majority. Meanwhile in the next couple of years with all of the phony voters he will control by then. Not to mention the digital voting machines he controls! Then he will be able to repeal The 22nd, he will have the votes.      

  • They, the big headed big government could care less what We, the People, have to say, even though there are many-many more of us than there are of them.  Folks, they have the big guns too....we do not.  That said, if every red blooded patriotic American does not see that this nation is being trashed from all sides then those people are fools.  The truth is it has been being planned for some time...not just by the menace Obama and crew!   This is seriously a terrible thing that is happening and when it all blows sky high there will be no were to go, to hide, to escape or to do anything but take a stand or die.....and many will anyway because it  will be a terrible time for our country and all of us.   We will then cry 'why did we not see this or understand just what was happening"?  Why did we let this happen?'   Whatever it takes we have GOT to stop this evil that has come over America and so many who have turned their backs on faith in God, think they are just swell to do anything they wish to- even if it means going against everything we are or ever were for the sake of this idiotic 'progressiveness and future....WHAT FUTURE?  WE HAVE NO FUTURE...IT IS ALL BEING DISMANTLED AND WE WILL BE FODDER FOR THE DECTATORSHIP OF COMMUNISM WORLD WIDE.......WAKE THE H UP AND GET VOCAL...TELL THEM NO!!  IF WE DO NOT ROAR THEY WILL NEVER HEAR AND EVEN SO WILL PLAN TO STOP US WITH WHATEVER MEANS IT TAKES......WE ARE NOT IMMUNE.   IF A NATION AS GREAT AS WE ONCE WERE CAN TURN ON EVERYTHING WE WERE FOUNDED TO BE; TURN ON FAITH IN GOD, TURN ON LAW AND MORAL HUMAN SENSE; THEN WE ARE DOOMED!!  There will be no freedom, there will be no right to faith, free speech, to live as you wish to, no future for the children and no way to be anything but sheep that follow the dog that rounds them up.....fodder for all sorts of cannons the left and evil have in store for us!

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