An Observation

Nearly Half Of Americans Would Vote For A Socialist For President

Poll: Most Americans unwilling to vote for a socialist

Who to believe?

Look at the election results in Canada:

Federal election results
Last updated October 20, 2015 at 4:19 AM EDT
National · 338/338 seats declared
170 needed for majority
Party & leaderSeats
Liberal Party of Canada
Justin Trudeau:
Seats: 184 / 54%
Conservative Party of Canada
Stephen Harper
Seats: 99 / 29%
New Democratic Party of Canada
Thomas Mulcair
Seats: 44 / 13%
Bloc Québécois
Gilles Duceppe
Seats: 10 / 3%
Green Party of Canada
Elizabeth May
Seats: 1 / 0%

This is how I read that:  The left got 239 seats (70%) vs the right at 99 seats (29%).  

Is that our future as well?  Well, imo, we're already there. The GOP has been to the far left of their constituents since 2011.

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