An idea to unite the right and stop the enemy.

OK, everyone who hates obama, and I'm convinced that's around 75% of the population, wants him out but the so-called republicans are divided, right? Some like me think a third party is the way to go, others want to stick with what I call the Titanic of politics, the GOP.

Someone tell me why this wouldn't work to bring the conservative thinking people together:

The establishment republicans run their candidate as usual. The New Tea Party, or something like it runs a truly conservative candidate, ala Col. Allen West, or Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, or Dr. Ben Carson the neurosurgeon. 

Here's the catch. *The stated policy of the conservative party is that they will run as hard as they can to win over America. All true conservatives like me will be able to vote for someone who hasn't been selected by the likes of Boehner and Rove. The GOP can run their typical unelectable candidate, Dole, McCain, Romney. Two weeks before the election if the conservative party isn't in contention based on a mutually agreed upon polling service, they pledge to swing their votes over to the Republicans and withdraw their candidate! That way, no votes end up going to supporting the likes of this hunk of garbage we have in there now and all of us can unite behind one candidate while still voting our conscience.

Now, if that sounds too unreasonable, or if you can't get on board with that, we are truly doomed because right now the left is rolling over us and the Constitution like a bull dozer.

We need something bold. Why not this? If you agree that it's worth a try, please spread it around. I'm so sick of liberalism and it's tentacles, not to mention islam while I'm at it. Liberalism is at the heart of the vast majority of our decline! 

Michael Quinn

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  • Edna Clark Reyes, 

       Yes, he was very impressive and I watch the movie about him, Gifted Hands.  It's on Netflix I think, very revealing about his life.

  • Can anyone give me a short but to the point response to my sociology professor's statement to me ...:obama's not a muslim.  It's been bothering me but I want to get his mind open and see the truth.

  • I like your idea Michael.  I think Dr. Carson was superb in his speech with the evil one so close by.

  • Mark Levin, conservative talk radio.

  • JC Lincoln,

         We would have to get this started right away.  Get the word out, get some of the big people on board, Rush, Levin, Sarah Palin, Dr. Ben Carson, etc.  It could work if we'd come together.  We could actually have an impact on the disgusting excuse for a media if we were united.


    ....The   G  O  P  of A   =  GUN OWNERS of AMERICA..


  • Sounds good to me.  I tried to get the Libertarian Party to understand this, that their percentage points probably would Romney the election.  And it DID! 

    But 'Why wait until the next election'?  I say we begin a 'No Confidence' petition to the U.S. House & Senate stating that we believe that the Kenyon is unfit to be president because he is purposely undermining the Constitution and destroying America from the inside. 

    How many signatures do we need to force the Congress to put the issue to a vote before the American People?

  • Joe you just blew past the whole concept I proposed.  

  • Has anyone read 'The Blueprint, How the Democrats Won Colorado' (and Why Republicans EVERYWHERE Should Care)--emphasis is not mine--  by Adam Shrager and Rob Witwer?  The core principles of the tea party movement is Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutional limited government and Free Markets.  This is our unifying message; the 'Blueprint' is how to get it done. T.E.A. Turn and Embrace America.

  • Who's talking about candidates??  Good grief.  THE CONCEPT, a new concept to bring us together.  If we could adopt that there's plenty of time to vie for candidates.  WE need a new approach.  THAT'S THE KEY!!

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