An idea to unite the right and stop the enemy.

OK, everyone who hates obama, and I'm convinced that's around 75% of the population, wants him out but the so-called republicans are divided, right? Some like me think a third party is the way to go, others want to stick with what I call the Titanic of politics, the GOP.

Someone tell me why this wouldn't work to bring the conservative thinking people together:

The establishment republicans run their candidate as usual. The New Tea Party, or something like it runs a truly conservative candidate, ala Col. Allen West, or Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, or Dr. Ben Carson the neurosurgeon. 

Here's the catch. *The stated policy of the conservative party is that they will run as hard as they can to win over America. All true conservatives like me will be able to vote for someone who hasn't been selected by the likes of Boehner and Rove. The GOP can run their typical unelectable candidate, Dole, McCain, Romney. Two weeks before the election if the conservative party isn't in contention based on a mutually agreed upon polling service, they pledge to swing their votes over to the Republicans and withdraw their candidate! That way, no votes end up going to supporting the likes of this hunk of garbage we have in there now and all of us can unite behind one candidate while still voting our conscience.

Now, if that sounds too unreasonable, or if you can't get on board with that, we are truly doomed because right now the left is rolling over us and the Constitution like a bull dozer.

We need something bold. Why not this? If you agree that it's worth a try, please spread it around. I'm so sick of liberalism and it's tentacles, not to mention islam while I'm at it. Liberalism is at the heart of the vast majority of our decline! 

Michael Quinn

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  • Lots of closed minds out there though Mindy, but thanks for checking out my idea.

  • This is a workable and logical solution.

  • Donald,

       It's a non-starter to start making requirements for participation.  That's what we're doing now and we're being destroyed.  We have to rely on the democratic process.  My idea won't work unless we all look at what we're doing now, realize that we're being completely destroyed, and resolve to make some concession for the preservation of conservatism.  The one thing I can say with some certainty without even knowing you.  What you're doing now, the way your approaching the election process is a complete failure and that applies to every person who considers himself right of center and me.  So, if we're going to dig out of this abyss, lighten up with "what you won't do", and try to see the spirit of what I'm suggesting.  Right now all the things that you hate have been implemented.  With my plan, most of your complaints will be resolved but not all of them.

  • Many libertarians work within the GOP as well as third parties. So do social conservatives and they use the Constituion Party. I also think that referendums might be a good way to form single issue campaigns on taxing and spending where we can unite and for social issues where there might be divisions among us. Of course I am opposed, like most libertarians, to any edict that compels anyone to accept anyone. Gay libertarians offered an amicus curai (?) brief supporting the Boy Scouts leadership's right to not allow gays if they wish. Justin Raimondo who is a very radical gay libertarian is friendly with Pat Buchanan and writes for The American Conservative so go figure. Please anyone on this list or off it feel free to question me about how libertarians will respond to future situations that you see and I'll give you an honest and friendly answer 

  • Donald,

       Well, that's a different kind of response!  I salute your willingness to accept "diversity" as a main stay. Personally, I think diversity at all costs and as presently implemented,  to be completely anti-American, and counter productive.  But that's another story, eh? ;)   

    My idea has nothing to do with candidates or particulars, it has to do with a different approach to our failed way of electing our candidates.  Obviously we're failing in a major way right now. Once we're united and in agreement as to the process, the candidates will come out of the wood work and it will be the democratic process that will produce a right of center candidate, not to all of our liking, but someone who will be able to win against the enormous odds we face because our vote won't be divided.

  • I have been involved with conservative politics since the Goldwater campaign of 1964. While I can work with social and Christian conservatives I am not one of them. I also dislike Santorum, Palin, Bush, West and Bachmann. If you want to attract more youth and minorities your group should be more socially tolerant, like Ron Paul's campaign was and we were able to put on rallies of several thousands at liberal college campuses all over the country. While I do like to work with Christian conservatives I also like working with gays and lesbians even though I am not one of them. I also like working with Pagans, atheists, agnostics and pot smokers and there are many libertarians and conservatives who fall into those descriptions. If you have trouble understanding this please feel free to discuss this off line or here. I'm on Facebook

  • Gerald,

    My thought was that if this idea could be kicked around on a nationwide basis, all the smaller entities would see the logic and realize that at least their candidate and wishes would be heard, but they would also be assured that their vote wouldn't go to liberals/muslims/communists on election day.  I remember how enthused everyone was when Perot ran, he was making sense with his signs and down home talk, but then he sabotaged his own progress. He had been in contention though.  That wouldn't happen here with the caveat of having the votes go to the Republicans if our candidate doesn't get at least a 30% showing in the polls or something like that.  People won't be apprehensive like they are now about a third party!

  • So many are in lock step with the failed GOP, I just can't understand that.  And these same "visionaries" can't see anything other than what's been done and has failed over and over. I keep asking myself, if it's impossible, how did Israel manage to elect a wonderful, conservative, strong and moral man in Mr. Netanyahu when they have over 20 parties!!!  Snap out of the stinking mold that's killing us!! 

  • I hear Rove has a new superpac to counter folks like us (my version) My son tells me there are around 15 conservative superpacs that might not agree with Mr Rove.  We need to tie into some of them to put some clout behind Michael's idea. It is that old Golden Rule - even though money should not be the master, but the servant.... and beauty should not be in the sewer, but the guiding light, along with its Author.

  • Bobby, what I'm suggesting is NOT happening, no way.  People are afraid to vote 3rd party because they think they'll be throwing their vote away.  That's the beauty of my idea, it removes that risk.

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