Maybe these hard hearted bastards may finally wake the hell up and see what they do Their greed shall not fill their need.

To stop one seed a machine to feed Of a once known creed they’ve done the deed for speed

It’s gone to their head, its better off dead Hearts of lead its color still red From one bed, civilized dread Machines been fed, hearts of the dead

When if they see its little ol’ me I’m no threat, I’ll never go Pee He and you and I make 3 Let me live I’ll set you free Won’t you see its only me

Please count the cost, I’ll never be lost My God knows how your life will toss

Life’s been grand, your’s out of hand Here comes the band, a single strand

Yet through my brain their pump will drain My life from me like a Bullet Train

God’s on His Throne, I’m not alone You’re not your own, I’m not a clone

My life is mine, I’m not yet 9 3 at the most, Hey Holy Ghost

Hold me true, fill me with you Unto that day, My Lord will say Well done li’l babe, you’ve got it made Into My hands forever laid

I’ll n’er forget who made you sweat They’ll know ME well On that you’ll bet

You are MY child from them gone wild I hold My own unto that day

They’ll run to ME considering No love nor ring

I’ll know them not My Patience sured I hold them all Left standing naked in the hall

I am Holy, I am True I’ll show them plain They did to you

Yes, You’re MY child forever more Unto them I’ll slam the door

With ME you’ll be, ETERNITY I’ll n’er laugh last, for you’re with ME

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