An Angry Black man

Returning home after two months on the road touring the country singing, speaking, writing and campaigning to defeat Obama, I felt similar to a heartbroken soldier after losing a war. I trust God, but in all candor, I felt emotionally drained.

4063635439?profile=originalShopping for salad stuff in Walmart, I focused on a sign “Gold Bell Peppers $1.68 each”. To my surprise, I became extremely angry. As absurd as it sounds, $1.68 for one bell pepper was the straw that broke the camel's back. It epitomized my frustration and anger over the idiocy of Obama voters. Why in the world would they allow Obama to continue destroying our country?

Food and gas costs continue to sky rocket. Obama's war on domestic fuel, business and the rich kills jobs. He has tripled our national debt. And yet, according to exit polls, 52% still believe our poor economy is Bush's fault.

An idiot relative said, “I voted for Obama because Romney will make us all Mormons.” A yahoo said, “I voted for free healthcare”. News flash knucklehead, healthcare “ain't” free.

Thank God Christmas is over a month away. I need time for God to give me the grace to forgive my black family. I am furious and extremely disappointed in them for voting skin-color over Christian principles.

I feel like saying, “Don't tell me about your commitment to Jesus Christ ever again. I don't want to hear it!”

I will not apologize for my anger because mine is a righteous anger. Evil appearing to triumph should make one angry. Jesus was angry when He turned over the tables of the money changers in the temple.

The Bible says, “Be angry, but sin not”. Thus, I will not tell-off my family and I forgive them. But, I think it best that I not be in their presence or take their phone calls for awhile.

Like millions of Americans, my heart is broken for my country. Years of liberals indoctrinating our kids K thru college and liberal bias in the media have created a wasteland of dumb-down idiot voters. Far too many Americans are clueless to the greatness of our republic and the extraordinary cost and value of freedom which is our God given birth-right.

I am angry over the willful ignorance and racism of black America. During an interview on the “Inside Detroit” radio program, I informed black liberal host Mildred Gaddis that gas was $1.84 when Obama took office. Mildred rejected this fact. I begged her to research it. Mildred said you can not believe everything on the internet. Mildred also rejected the truth that Obama supports abortion and that half of black babies are aborted. Mildred rejected various easily confirmed truths about Obama's destructive leadership – I am talking willful ignorance. As far as Mildred and her listeners were concerned, Obama's skin-color automatically made him worthy of their vote.

I am outraged regarding the blatant voter fraud in states where a photo ID was not required to vote.

More disappointed than angry, I was shocked to learn that Romney got 3 million less Republican votes than John McCain. After four years of Obama's tyranny, I assumed Republicans would crawl across broken glass to vote against Obama regardless of our candidate.

Since the election, I have avoided much of the media. I could not stomach the left spiking the football or weak-kneed conviction-less pandering from our side. Decisions made in panic or fear are always unwise. Better to wait until the dust clears rather than making new fear-based policy statements.

I still believe pedal to the metal Conservatism works every-time it is tried. Why? Because unlike Liberalism, Conservatism speaks to the higher nature of the human spirit and is best for all. Pure and simple.

Yes, there will always be those who want a free-ride. Jesus said the poor you will have with you always. No one is against a safety-net for those truly in need.

When the virtues of Conservatism are boldly articulated, they win in a landslide as per Ronald Reagan.

Beyond the catastrophic economic issues, Americans cried when Obama won reelection because of the death of an ideal. This evil dictator appears to have transformed America from being a shining example of the virtues of a free society into a nation of deadbeats in which class envy and government dependency rules. So yes, I am very angry.

Here is the good news. I am witnessing a new heightened resolve in patriots to fight harder than ever to turn our country around. We are in a culture war and more and more are beginning to realize it.

So I will suck up my anger, trust God, rest in His peace and continue doing my part in the battle to restore America.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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  • Lloyd hit the nail on the head. My sentiments exactly. I can't watch my favorite news Fox and Friends in the morning from hearing Obama's voice or is smug face. I want to throw something through my TV when I see him. I know this sounds terrible but very true. I was hoping never to see him again after the election but through voter fraud we are stuck. To see Michelle taking luxurious vacations while our Nation is in dire straights. I can't understand why we have not impeached his lying face by now? They know he has lied many times over. And Bill Clinton campaigned for him in order to set Hillary up for 2016. The jokes on them this nation won't be standing for another four yrs under Obama. God help the faithful that is my prayer.
  • now they tell us they give a licence to cheat and no one will do anything about it so what they are saying the party that cheat gets in, so we could have all gone to states with no ID voted 50 times each and no one will do anything about it Amen nice to teach our children how we elect a President, this is the last time we will see America as it stands this is war we must demand that they can't hide our votes 17 million white votes are missing we must march shout out loud the media will not discuss what the GOP and the Dem's did with the fraud situation it must come out they can't use us as usefull idiots that's what they did, that's  our vote they discarded this should not be allowed both parties have commited treason against the people of the United States and they must be terminated shout out loud let  the voices be heard we are mad and were not going to take it anymore  usefull iditos is what they think of us may God help us all the truth will set us free demand a recall vote do not accept this presidency under there terms Amen!!!! 

  • Bless you Lloyd..I am too, regardless of the outcome! DS   Go to  and sign the petition on page 5 concerning the electoral college for your state...send the mesage to your Senators and Rep..must be done now!

  • Everyone knows that the only answer is a third party,Founders Party, maybe. It would draw from all other parties. How can anyone fallow a party they only partly agree with? If you compromise your values to win votes, what's the point, you are not improving thing your tearing it down. I have to agree with Lloyd. He has it right.

  • Hang in there Mr. Marcus. The opera ain't over until the lady of rubenesque stature is hitting the high note.

  • Lloyd I feel sad and angry just like you.  One of my family members said" well we are done now and America is gone."  I got angry and said I will never give up and will continue to PRAY even more, and will make calls and send Emails every day.  If you love your Country  you need to try everything in your power to win her back.  This has been the greatest Country on our planet and well worth every effort to fight to win her back. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA. 

  • Marco Rubio is first and foremost a POLITICIAN.  I don't believe that ANY politician can be trusted.  Looked what they've turned this country into?  They had the power to stop the subversives, but did they?  No.  Don't listen to the talk.  Watch what they do or don't do.

  • Like they say about Sean Hannity, you are a great American!!!!!!!


  •    AMEN !  May GOD bless rou and yours Mr. Marcus , 

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