We have 20 million PLUS jobless citizens at all income levels plus millions more working below their qualification, part timers, etc.   Simultaneously, we have 11 to 30 million criminal illegal aliens working for and harbored by criminal employers who might pay $6/hr cash ($12,480/yr - same as $8 minus taxes, etc.).     The US BLS avg. wage January, 2013 was $42,537 for 34.4 hours!    That’s $49,927/yr @ 40 hour week and $64,905 with 30% employer paid tax & regulation costs added!  Are average jobless welfare subsidies $20,000(?), individual poverty levels $23,000 (?), or the average given to illegal workers $36,545/yr?   The sole cost of joblessness with subsidies is in the area of $84,905 to $99,451 each!   The math is simple!   Joblessness costs of at least $84,905, @ 11 million is $934 billion, @ 20mm =$1.70 trillion, and @ 30mm =$2.55 trillion.  

Underground criminal employment profit potential is, @ 11 million is $577 billion, @20mm = $1.05 trillion, and $1.57 trillion @ 30mm, which isn’t factored in jobless costs herein.    Criminals paying $12,480 ($6/hr) instead of $64,905 can profit $52,425/ea.!    The pro amnesty $402 billion cost @ their 11 million is a $36,545/yr subsidy each- some claim it’s over $800 billion (??).   Illegal alien pay plus subsidy is $49,025 take home which is $11,580 more than average citizen’s 40hr $37,445 after 25% taxes!   Those unending subsidy programs have near zero accountability!  Illegal alien subsidies are in addition to the joblessness costs!    All of those costs are imbedded in our current very sick debt and bankruptcy ridden economy!  With illegal alien subsidies $84,905 becomes $121,450 and economic numbers jump to $1.3 trillion @ 11mm, $2.4 trillion @ 20 million, and to $3.6 trillion @ 30mm.   Cost illustrations to define parameters are valid and reasonable. 

Average wages and joblessness data are facts.   Amazingly officials admit they don’t know alien headcount, location, or activity!   Average wages represent working for someone, not investment & other income!    Supposedly, the Boston bomber received $100,000 in welfare subsidies!   It’s a chaotic totally lawless environment designed to destroy the US!

Officials sworn to protect citizens and country are flooding the labor market with legal and illegal workers, by open invitation & taxpayer subsidy to destroy free market competitive labor wage forces of the poorest citizens!   It’s an unrestrained criminal vote buying frenzy!   Those imbedded costs are overthrowing our Constitutional free government!    Solving issues and eliminating those trillions of “criminal costs” is as simple as enforcing current Constitution and law!   It’s treason!   Not prosecuting is inconceivable!

How can anyone discuss immigration, especially giving amnesty to lawless unrepentant invaders who came and remain illegally to steal citizen benefits and work for criminal employers who criminally pay cash to avoid wage taxes and regulations?   It’s an incredible web of public and private crimes plus flesh pedaling!    The answer bellows from “majority” executive-legislative officials who mock Constitution and law with “we can’t stop it!”    We have an army that can protect our borders and homeland!   They’re assigned to helping enemies!    They defile their oaths of office with contempt, sedition, and treason in terms of trillions


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  • Ms. Gomez, You said it, the only thing that matters is getting re-elected. The only reason the government backs the unions is for their cash infusions during political campaigns. 

  • Do YOU have a VOICE???

    Can you say IMPEACH???
    Can you say BENGHAZI???
    Can you say FAST AND FURIOUS???
    Can you say IRS???
    Can you say AP???

    Where is the RULE of LAW?
    Where is CONGRESS? Didn't you take an OATH? Well, DIDN'T YOU?

  • The "Gang of Eight" is nothing more than yet another corrupt government operation!

  • Standing in the line at gro stores etc.  you get to listen unwillingly to others conversations.  To each other or cell phone.  One such conversation from someone whose basket was electronic goodies,  beer,  and some food- was telling the other party they got $9000 tax refund.  They declared 5 kids.  So did a brother and a grandparent.  All the same kids.   Really thought that was funny.   He paid cash for everything but the food.  That he paid  for with food stamps.   Curiousity got the better of me so I waited around to see what he drove.   Brand new truck.   And we are "inviting" 20 million morei  ripp offs.

  •  We are keeping track of how the leaders vote, so come election day we will spit on them. By the way. Does the Tea Party have a candidate to put forth for Governor of Florida. The people in Florida are mad at the current Governor and we detest Charlie Crist.

  • The author, Don MacDermid is absolutely correct!

    And we've got a recent Republican "DARLING" running around as part of that gang of eight trying to tell us a "liberal progressive democrat immigration bill" is what We the People NEED to make the Illegal Aliens go away!

    I call BULL SPERM on Rubio and his "gang of 8" brand of conservatism!


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  • They all need to be called and pestered - and we need to start holding anyone in govt accountable as ACCESSORIES TO THE CRIMES THAT ILLEGALS COMMIT - Oh, ya, here's a story I found today: http://gopthedailydose.com/2013/05/22/illegal-aliens-charged-with-g...

  • If some one is robbing your house you don't expect the police to ask him if he wants to move in permanently or invite him to stay. Illegal immigrants are not here for Sanctuary. They feel they have a the right to rob this country because their own wont support them. What is wrong with congress? We don't woe them anything but a quick buss trip home and a "Keep out forever" policy.

  • when I stated in a small public meeting that there were herin dealers on th estreet in front of where some Latinos lived in my neighborhood (without identifying the dealers as Latino) a city councilmemeber there (Santa Cruz, California's John Laird) had my husband (!) and  censured by city council and it was front page news. I repeated the comment as vulnerable rebellious American youth were dying and then he held a press conference in front of my family home and agreed that my whole family was racist and should be punished! then that comment was translated into Spanish for th edrug gang of illegals from Mexico and we were punished!!

  • Coming here illegally is a criminal act, which makes the freebee givers to be aiding and abetting and accomplices. Lock those voting for this insane immigration bill up and throw away the key. Most gang members I know should be in prison and that includes this gang of 8. 

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