A recent broadcast stated pro-amnesty savings were $35 billion based on an illegal alien cost of $402 billion offset by wage savings of $437 billion in consumer costs!    Nobody is outraged!   Claiming consumer price savings during excessive inflation is outrageous!    Government’s phony 11 million headcount says illegal aliens cost $36,545/yr each!   Government tyrants watch citizens 24 hours a day, scans their bank and credit card accounts, and jails tax cheaters; but “don’t know” if there is 11 or 30 million illegal aliens, anything about then, or who’s going to get killed next.

For the record, aliens who enter this country are law breaking multi-count criminals, any who harbor or employ them are law breaking criminals, and any officer of government, judicial or law enforcement who doesn’t enforce the Constitution & laws as written breaks the law, oath of office, and is a criminal and traitor!

20+ million citizens have been cast out of the workforce!!!  Assuming a criminal slave labor conspiracy generates $437 billion of anything useful is preposterous!   Citizens are suffering record financial woes as government spends $1.25 trillion more than revenue while their treasury cranks out another $1 trillion a year in counterfeit currency!    A legislature that is trying to pass a bill that will cost citizens $1 to $3 trillion per year to buy criminal alien votes deserves unlimited scorn and a lifetime in prison!

GET REAL!   When an alien displaces a citizen worker a $43,500 avg. wage is lost, that worker goes on $20,000++/yr UC comp & other benefits, and the criminal alien jumps on government’s $36,545/yr gravy train to work for maybe $5/hr. cash on a criminal plantation.   The annual cost each is $43,500 to the citizen and $56,545 to a pathologically perverted government!    That $100,045 total cost each, @ 11 million criminals is $1.1 TRILLION to $3.0 TRILLION @ 30 million criminals!

It’s like putting money in a bank that lets anybody write a check on your account!    When there’s nothing left to steal, history unequivocally proves they’ll begin killing!   We don’t need amnesty or new laws!   We need officials who will enforce the Constitution and existing law NOW.    That requires prosecution, impeachment, and harsh just punishment of corrupt officials and law enforcement!    That begins with DOJ Holder and the gang of eight, then the president and the legislature

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  • This little community activist is getting very annoying. We seem to be the beneficiary of the coil of rage he wrote about. I am having real trouble understanding why the Democrats are so intent on destroying their country . If we don't go broke in  the next three and a half years, and if we are ever able to elect  a consertative government. I hope they realize there is no place to hide.

  • The Boston bombings would be the perfect insident to put a big STOP on an Immigration bill .

  • I live in the city of Los Angeles which is the biggest illegal alien capitol in the nation bar none.  Our State, County and City are already broke and on the verge of bankruptcy.  We spend billions with a B on illegal aliens for benefits that they have never paid into nor earned.  This amnesty bill will be the stake through our hearts as a Country.  Wake up America!!!!!

  • I wish the illegals were just Mexicans.  Latest reports say that the newest illegals are coming from everywhere.  Why not?  We don't stop them.  The pitiful attempts our government is making to stop them is nonexistant.  People are flying into Mexico, paying the Mexican for information and walking across the borders.  Until America gets it's debt under control, we don't need any more mouths to feed.

  • In Moses Lake, Washington you can go to the food bank and see Hispanics lined up for the free food and drive off in a new $36,000 pick up truck. Go the the Local Health Clinic, and witness the same thing.

    It repeats at the welfare and energy assistance office.

    Work Harder. Millions of illegal aliens and welfarites are depending upon you!

  • there wont be a usa in 4 more years better look in the mirror its time to think long hard and deep inside yourself am i a man am i a patriot do i care what happens to my children is my life worth more then them little kids life i cant answer for you and am i scared big time will i die 1 of the first will my brothers in arms stand up behind me thats the million dollar question 

  • This whole thing is sounding more like a Greek Tradgedy every day. Like it has been said over and over here all that needs to be done is enforce the current laws. Which includes defending our borders against all enemies foreign and domestic with lethal force if it comes to that. No one  except maybe the Muslims, would come over the border knowing they will be shot if they do. There is no way amnesty, (even if it made any sense) could be given to anyone with the borders an open door. 


  • Hitler and his wife has another 4 yrs. to blow the money on their exclusive vacations and laughing at what they call white, black, and any other nationality slaves (I won't use the other word because too many stupid Democrats will call it racism) all the way to the bank saying , " I can't believe these a--holes actually put me in for another 4 years after all the lies and killings and deceptions from the 4 previous years.  They say the American people are the most gullibles idiots in the world and they proved it by putting the terrorist and his cohorts back in for another 4 years.  Come on America wise up, smarten up, all your children and grandchildren are going to pay for this heavily when we're dead and gone, but I guess you idiots that put them back in don't give a damn about the kids.  Obama uses the kids from Sandy Hook all the time, but he doesn't give a damn about our children, his are protected by heavy security, he hasn't done anything at our schools to protect our kids.  You could blame Obama and his idiot followers for the deaths and injuries in Boston, it was all planned by them and his Saudi buddy that he talked to and is deporting the young Saudi that was suspected for Boston Bombing, but terrorists stick together.  How many terrorists come over the Mexican Border while Biden was watching and nothing was done.  Obama and his cohorts have the words sucker and idiots on all his followers forheads and just imagine what he is really saying and calling people.  Anybody see or hear any videos in the whitehouse of their private conversations.  You'd drop dead if it came out public.  So who's laughing at who and who is the government going to kill next to try to get what they want.  People with brains already know this

  • Thanks Dee & Don: This all boils down to what We The People going to do. Every issue and theyre plenty of them. Theres Tyranny & Treason in all 3 branchs, what are we the people going to do? Corruption is the norm in all 3 branchs, what are we the people going to do? Our future & the future of our kids & grandkids are in our hands= slaves & cowards or freedom & fight

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