America's Thanksgiving Day: What it Means

Early to bed, early to rise, early morning is my time to meditate. Another Thanksgiving day, what to be thankful for? I hear that only ten percent of we World War II veterans remain. I’m thankful to be alive and well. And more, these are the best years of my life. Perhaps I’ve been spared to tell my story.

Now that George Soros is close to proving that the American people are not clever enough to self-govern, I’m thankful for the Tea Party. I guess we can be thankful that our good life is attributable to America’s pioneers who believed in Higher Law, and wrote a constitution based on it. We of the Tea Party want our Constitution back.

Most of my fellow Americans believe in a higher power. We wander in search of a better life, and find it through our faith in a higher power. We realize that we’ve been led down a garden path. The tide is beginning to turn. America’s makers and keepers of the law are beginning to listen to the people.

Mysteriously, the fate of the American people is very close to my own life experience. A vast change in my life was shaping up in the 1970s and I had no control. At first, I was fearful. My fear turned to anger, then depression. What could I do to save my God-given rights from a government gone bonkers? I was helpless.

I turned to the Constitution. What can I say this day for being thankful? My depression was sublimated. I felt that voices from the past were speaking to me, encouraging me. I had a bigger than life calling. That seems to be where the American people are now. I am 35 years ahead of you. Instead of allowing external forces to control my life, I looked within for answers. Miraculously, when everything should have gone wrong for me, everything went right. I found power within I never knew I had. I overcame whatever stood in my way, and there was a lot. I never could have gotten past the obstacles without my direct connection with God. I’ve learned that connecting with God is a do-it-yourself thing. Nobody led me to God.

My Constitution told me to believe in myself; that is, God and myself. I AM THAT I AM. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.” Judging from my own experience, that we Americans are different than other people—more determined—George Soros and company, determined to turn us into trained animals jumping through their hoops—those fools don’t know us. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Soros and company are about to be sidetracked. Give thanks for this day and the rest of your lives. If the best years of my life came late in life, believe that the best lies ahead. By your own will you will make it happen.

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