Americans Deserve Much Better Than Barack Obama!


By John W. Lillpop


As the days leading to the 2012 elections grow fewer, Americans need to face the fact that Barack Obama is not the candidate in whom voters should entrust the future of our children and grandchildren, nor the very future of our nation.

Over the past three plus years, Obama has demonstrated over and over again that he:

* Holds deep, impassioned resentments against the American way of life including capitalism, dominance of the Christian faith, desire to reflect Exceptionalism, and culture. Obama even resents the fact that America is mostly an English-speaking nation will little or no desire for foreign languages to interlope into our education, law, and daily lives.

* Has very little respect, or none, for American history and the principles on which this nation was founded, including those which have made America the most successful society in human history, and which have enabled he and his family to prosper so richly.

* Is scornful of established laws and traditions including those which concern American sovereignty, states’ rights, religious freedom, and immigration.

* Uses class, race, income, education and other ways in which people differ to pit Americans against each other, all to promote his own selfish political ambitions.

* Is naïve and ill-informed when it comes to the urgent need for a strong national defense, a prejudice which is particularly dangerous given the hostile world in which we live. Foolishly adheres to the Progressive myth which holds that “talking” with our enemies (Iran) can solve problems, when the opposite is generally true.

* Foolishly refuses to admit that there are genuinely “bad” people and nations who want to kill Americans and America.

* Does not grasp the inherent danger in reckless spending and irresponsible accumulation of federal debt. Despite the downgrade of America’s credit and warnings of further damage, has refused to take responsible action to address entitlements and other out-of-control spending.

* Believes that America should be fundamentally transformed to reflect his socialist agenda, despite the fact that most Americans disagree strongly. ObamaCare is but one example.

As if Obama’s warped vision were not bad enough, he is a man of enormous ego who believes that he is the smartest, wisest man in the room, an attitude which results in arrogance fueled by ignorance that causes him to discount and reject opposing views.

All in all, Barack Obama is simply not the man for the presidency.

America deserves better! Much better.

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