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Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties.


Americans are in denial of the truth, most Americans believe that the US is a Republic with Democratic system of government; they do not believe that our country is run by the rich Robber Barons. but despite the majority of such thinking, that there is no a ruling-elite, and despite of what seems to be the lack of any identifiable elite cultural and political agenda, there exists a true feeling among most people in this country and in the world’s community, that as they proceed in their customary activities, job, family, and neighborhoods they are being driven by forces not of their own making and by powers over which they have little or no control. The fact is that our country has become a Plutocracy system of government; the elite oligarchs rule our country. They are the sycophant’s that were selected groom and produce by Yale, Harvard and Princeton to be place in our government to commit all the crimes and atrocities against humanity;  they work for and benefit the oligarchs and got rewarded for their crimes and betrayal with money and impunity for all of their crimes committed against humanity.

Fellow Americans, knowledge is your power and the path to freedom; the truth will set us free from the oligarchs and the present Plutocracy system of government. We are all Americans and we must stand united to re-store our God given freedom and Liberty; we all count and should not be divided by our political ideology, religion, political party association, race, color or national origin. We need to open our eyes and see the poverty, the lack of jobs for Americans, The slave’s wages, the loss of our savings, our dysfunctional education system, the erosion of our freedom and all the things that affect us and our future, are the result of the oligarch’s agenda to control the world’s economy and make the working people economic slaves.

The road to freedom, it is base in our Constitution and God’s law; all men are accountable to only God when their actions affect only their body and them as a person. God created governments and give the power to govern to moral leaders to ensure that men respect the rights of their fellowman to work the land a benefit from his labor without the exploitation of others. It is evident that the oligarchs are in violation of our natural rights to freedom and are the promoters of the exploitation and slavery of humanity; they are the enemy of humanity and must be destroy it is us or them it is that simple.

Greed and the love for money is their sin, they must be expose as exploiters of the people and get justice for the people; stop future disregard for the economy and welfare of humanity and establish a new Democracy with Business and government Ethics to form an America with economy and social justice for all.

We are our brother’s keepers, not their exploiters or enslavers; poverty is the result of exploitation.  1Thessalonians 4:6 - Galatians 3:28

Fellow Americans we must fight for our freedom, this war is about money and the ill power of the oligarchs. Civil unrest and public demonstrations will not win this war against the oligarchs; the most effective strategy is the use of our money. Our money is what made them rich and powerful and what we must do is; stops the flow of our money, to continue the enrichment of the oligarchs.

A-     Close your accounts on the following Banks and deposit in local Banks or credit unions.

B-     Withdraw 80% of your investment and retirement account and form cooperatives to create local jobs, invest in real state, local manufacturing, farming ect.

C-     Support your local own business.

D-     Be an activist to stop the privatization of agencies that serve the community and the state.

E-     Stop the unionization of police, fire Dept. Schools and any government agencies including local own utilities and community services agencies.

F-      Boycott corrupt oil companies.

G-     Promote local own import and export companies register in your state. And boycott the predator US international companies. Do not buy any imports goods from retail store like Wal-Mart.  The Myth of the U.S. “Insourcing Boom”.

H-     Promote family farming and Boycott products from industrial farming.

I-       Be an activist to promote the truth in labeling of products, to inform consumers.

J-      Be an activist to close all pay loans companies, they are predators that feed on the needs of the poor.

K-     Promote the education of personal financing and the danger of debt.

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This is the truth that was concealed from us the American people.

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  • We see Wal-Mart being brought up. The facts about Wal-Mart and many other chains is that they get many products from overseas. Clinton signed NAFTA which sent many jobs to China and Mexico. Clinton, if you remember what news media reported, gave our missile guidance technologies to Communist China which is High Treason! 

    Do we want to go to Mexico and work for 2.50 USD as a laborer? China is about the same! We do remember the saying, shake with one hand and pick your pocket with another!

    The truth is this: If a Democrat is in power you will get taxed to death and that starts at 12k with Federal! They will lie to you about supporting the poor and instead do just as Obama did and increase the illegal drugs in our inner cities by 3 fold. If you elect the few real Republicans that are left, you will keep jobs in the US because these want to stay in America but financially do not want to go bankrupt! So taxes on them will drop enough to keep their solvency! Which means jobs in America and not overseas!

  • He surely must mean, mostly one man named Soros, the Communist billionaire! The former USSR never was as far left as is America now!

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