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Do you want to be on the receiving end of charity? Do you feel good being helpless and depend on outside forces. All Americans want to achieve for themselves, work hard, reap the benefits or at very least have that opprutunity for our children. I have seen all walks of life, feel so accomplished after a hard days work and be so full of pride and self worth. The same 270 million people who have Health insurance will still have it and the 30 to 45 million who do not, will still be the resistant..Because of finances or illegal status. Ins.would equal the rent payment, so live on the streets and have health insurance. Even if we have assistances it won't be enough. It would be cheaper to all of us to make an aggreement with ins and providers to say you will be paid for all patients and fix the price point. Easily 20% of all Ins. costs can be reduced by the extra customers and over all wastes. Now, if you do not have a plan you fall into a bare bones plan, with office visit payments and preventive care. ( the gov't already offers all prisonors and welfare people a decent plan)
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  • eggxactly, you are right, let's do it oursef..................what is the point of Obamacare except transfer of wealth? git a job, and these folks can pay for themselves if they want it. If not, that's their choice, that's the whole point of America.
  • I was offered Mortgage Ins. then Boat ins, and even Life Ins. The State wanted me to have Workers Comp. Ins, and Unemployment Ins, demanded I have business liab Ins, and I was forced to pay Super Fund Ins. We have maternity ins. dental ins, prescription ins, death ins, income tax liab. ins. travel ins, marriage ins. etc... Ok, what insurance should I be forced to buy in order to make it cheaper for people who decided to buy Insurance. Don,t insurance companies just take cash and pay a agreed portion of your health bills, I save on insurance premiuns and negioate my care and pay bills 100% in cash.
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