You nor I ever dreamed we would see the day our loved nation would be consumed by immorality, tyranny and betrayal by those we placed in our most trusted positions.  When one stops and really thinks about recent history the decade of the sixties stands out.  It stands out because the sixties saw our nation begin to turn its collective back on God.  The time honored tradition of brotherly love was replaced with a twisted vulgar desire for carnal indulgence called "free sex".

The sixties introduced a new cult of  flower children and hippies, individuals void of morality and honor.  These people sought only their personal gratification and pleasure.  They abandoned all ideals which "brought upon this land a new nation" , ideals like personal responsibility, loyalty and dignity were shunned and treated with contempt by them.

Left unchallenged for three decades the hippies and flower children evolved into political activists known as Liberals and Progressives.  They chose as their platform the Democrat Party.  From this stage they would carry out a methodical attack on every ideal and tradition our nation was built on.  Ideals and traditions like hard work, civic duty, military service and individual responsibility. 

In order to escape what was universally recognized as an individual's duty and responsibility to work his or her way up to higher stature they sought ways to "cut in line" ahead of everyone else.  Thus, they congregated in occupations of fame.  Hollywood offered many of them the avenue they sought, others used their skill in deception to move into areas of politics.

It isn't difficult to recognize those indoctrinated into these cults.  Some examples are Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Ed Kennedy, and Rom Emanuel, following those who support these types will reveal a large list of other members of their cult.  Most of those involved in occupations like acting support their destructive behavior.

No one can honestly say they haven't experienced the moral decay in America.  It got its biggest boost when people decided that sex was the best way to sell a product or influence another.  Deceit and manipulation of truth and history.  Sex and vulgar language became the platform of the Liberal and progressive movement.  A movement dedicated to the destruction of every good and moral virtue that made our nation great. 

There is no argument that may be offered which would dispel the fact that Liberal and Progressive objectives will completely destroy the United States.  It makes the writer no difference if you agree or disagree with this assessment, its truth is already evident by the fact that our nation has declined greatly at the hands of Liberals and Progressives in the Democrat Party.



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  • Art Phillips

    Is right on the money.All of the moral corruption did begin from the flowerchild generation of the .Today we have the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton.John Kerry,Jane Fonda,Nancy Pelosi and most of our politicans and actors are members of the flower children generation "Cool Mannn"Lets make love not war"Peace Man"Dig ya"And the likes.These Hippies are now Actors Senators congressmen judges and all fawcets of society.This was the generation who brought this nation down to the pits of hell where we are headed in full speed ahead.All generations have had their fads dances dress.I came up in the Elvis days and of course good old rock and roll was the music with chubby checker,Fats Domino.Lil Richard ect.But no generation has done as much damage to our nation than the hippy generation.As Fonze says WOAHHHHHHHHHH.

  • We have to stop funding this rogue government. There must be a way, a legal way. 

  • I agree Jim Hood...was reading Isaiah Ch 5 vs 20-21...we as Tea Partiers must never give in to the evil..we must honor God and our Founders and keep educating folks person at a time!

  • God will never bless evil.

  • Agree

  • Right on elevengun!! you are absolutely correct.  Amen

  • Thank you for this well stated article. So very true.
  • two of the worst cultural destructive influences  were left out, Bill Clinton [teacher of millions of young girls] and Ted Kennedy, the biggest whore master of all time [even bigger than his father Joe and his brothers, JFK and RFK]

  • As for coming out of Babylon, you can do it spiritually. The more we wake up and see things for what they really are then more we are being separated  from Babylon. Remember Daniel did not physically remove himself from it, nor did he destroy it from the inside. But he changed it with the favor of God on his side. That meant that he didn't conform to the ways of the people that surrounded him. But declared God is Lord, and went from there.

  • And this taints all that it touches. Including churches and those that claim to be "Christian" leaving those who really are looking like they are the judgmental ones. It has stained and harmed all that has been in it's grasp and it is spreading to all areas of society now.

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