America we must save her.

As we look now at our nation we must remember the men and women who built her and died for her.  WE are now at a moment when it is us left to save her.  As I look at the flag and wonder what it must have taken for pioneers and our founders to look at what they had and do anything to build America into the free nation we I hope still have.   Many, to my wonder, hate this nation and all she offers we see it now what the indoctrination camps our public schools have done to our kids and what lib marxists brainwashing has done.  ANTIFA and the other radical groups like BLM burning down our private property and threatening citizens and looting and rioting when we are in COVID phase God knows what.  

Blue state governors and mayors are ignoring our freedoms and rights GOD not gov't given and if we do nothing now it is our fault once they are gone.   Historic statues coming down why to destroy more and more the history of America.   We must not allow it.

We have to do all we can now to keep this nation and help Trump win in November.   God help us if he does not.  I know we do not come from wimps or idiots but free men and women who gave their lives for this nation now its up to us to save it. 

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  • Amen !!
  • Do you suggest a private list where we can help one another? What type of plan do you think would work to stop the communists?
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