America the Land of the Free, build-ed by immigrants

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist  -

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

We seek the truth and let the people know. An informed citizenry is vital for the preservation of our democracy. Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties.

Demand the teaching of our immigrant’s history in the schools.

America is our country, the land of immigrants that come in search of economic freedom and liberty to be the best they can be through self-determination; many of us know what is like to be an immigrant and what we went through to gain the acceptance and respect of our community. First generation of immigrants is the ones that paid the price so their sons and daughters can have a better life here in American, no matter where we come from, we suffered discrimination and exploitation. The land of the free to the new immigrants becomes the land of the oppressor and the predator that was determined to destroy the immigrant. The irony of this behavior is that they complete forgot about their pass and what they went through when they come as immigrants and the humiliation they experience by discrimination and exploitation to the point that many immigrants were persecute and killed just for being an immigrant.

Today, we must deal with our present immigration issue, and we must acknowledge that we are the ones that are to be blame for this immigration issue. We are the ones that allowed this to take place, Illegal immigration is the result of our failure to enforce our laws, we turned a blind eyes to this issue by convenience, the illegal immigrants are the source of cheap labor, so we do nothing because we benefit from this cheap labor and the exploitation of these people that come here, like us and the millions of immigrants that come to this country before us.

The truth is that Obama have the opportunity to pass an immigration reform in 2004; he had the support of Democratic control of both houses of the United States Congress; and this issue could be resolve as the first act, by the Obama administration after assuming control in 2004, but he preferred to use this issue as a political tool to get political power in the future as projecting an image that he was working on this issue, he continue using this issue by passing the dream act.  Democrats and Republicans use the issue of immigration reform to gain political points at the expenses of human beings that the only thing they want is to have the opportunity to be part of this country, and we did it and our fathers before us.

Fellow Americans 2015 is the time to deal with this issue of immigration reform; this is a matter of human rights and social justice, the exploitation of the illegal immigrants and the incertitude of their families must end.  We must remember that ones we were the new immigrants and were exploited oppressed, discriminate and treated like second class citizens; we do not want to do this to the new immigrants nor to the illegal immigrants; we must embrace this new source of human capital and do our best to educate them and teach them our history and our contribution we made to make this country great.  We are a Christian nation, we believe in our God given rights to freedom, liberty, self-determination and being our brother’s keeper. This is our land the land of the free build by immigrants.

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Our founding fathers come to seek freedom and social justice.

The First English Settlements

European expansion displaced the Native American peoples.

German immigrants

Why do they come?.

American- slavery of the Black people.


East Asians of the United States exploited and discriminated.

Japanese immigrants 1880

The Italian Immigrant Experience in America

Immigrants in their own land

We are a nation of immigrants.

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 The war profiteers, got rich at the expenses and the lives of Americans.

We are proud to be Latino Americans. This is our land.

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  • why are illegal votes okay in Florida? On Friday 2/13/15 the chance for the State Attorney General to file an appeal to not count illegal votes expires, why is it not the law that illegal votes do not count? Why should we the people have to call , write, fax , email to get our elected to do their job and have common sense? Thank God for the people of the teaparty who care about our nation. I ask for your help:

    Arcia v. Florida Secretary of State to the United States Supreme Court.

    dept. of election 850 245 6200

    attorney general council 850 245 6536

                                        850 245 6500

    Why is it illegal votes are being counted? Why is it that we the people have to beg our elected to file an appeal on a ruling that allows illegal votes before the deadline on Friday 2/13/15?

    Florida's Governor and Attorney General need you to hear from you!

    You see, this past November, a federal court issued an astonishing ruling forbidding the State of Florida to remove unlawfully present aliens and other noncitizens from its voter rolls in the 90 days before a federal election.  

    Even more astonishing is the fact that - by all indications - Florida looks set to drop its appeal of this terrible and unprecedented ruling. 

    We desperately need you to contact Florida's officials to try to convince them to appeal this ruling by going to the United State Supreme Court!

    As a supporter of Judicial Watch, you should know that this entire battle began after Florida initiated a systematic effort to remove ineligible voters from its voter registration lists after Judicial Watch alerted the State of Florida that failure to maintain clean voter registration lists violates Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) - popularly known as the "Motor Voter" law.  In response to our letter, Florida then took steps to remove 53,000 dead voters from the voting rolls and, quite reasonably, thousands of non-citizens.

    But the Obama administration and allied leftist advocacy groups who oppose clean elections then went federal court to enjoin the state from continuing its purge of illegal voters from the voting rolls.

    These challengers relied on a provision of the "Motor Voter" law which tells state officials how to go about canceling the registrations of voters who have moved out of state.  The NVRA also mandates that such efforts must stop during the 90 days right before an election - also known as the "freeze" period.  

    Those challenging Florida's law argued that this 90-day freeze should apply as well to the effort to remove noncitizens - meaning foreign nationals, whether lawfully or unlawfully present in the U.S. - from the voter rolls!

    Consider just how crazy that argument is.  Noncitizens were never eligible to register or vote in U.S. elections in the first place - indeed, it is a crime for them even to try to do so

    Two separate trial courts tossed out both the Justice Department and its allies' claims and held that Florida could continue to remove unlawfully present aliens and other noncitizens from its voter rolls. 

    But last year, a divided three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the Obama-allied groups appeal and reversed the trial court's decision (the case is Arcia v. Florida Secretary of State).  In an activist 2-1 decision, the appeals court held that Florida cannot systematically remove noncitizens from the voter rolls during the 90 days running up to an election.  By the way, it is a felony punishable up to three years in prison to make a false claim of citizenship in order to register to vote! This issue is all the more urgent because of President Obama's refusal to secure our border and his lawless amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

    I think you will agree states should be encouraged to clean their voter rolls and to remove noncitizens.  Now is the time to strengthen electoral integrity laws, not to weaken them. 

    I think you will also agree that Florida should appeal this ruling. If this ruling is allowed to stand, your vote could be cancelled out by an illegal vote!

    Judicial Watch reached out to strongly encourage Florida's Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi to appeal the decision, but their offices don't want to talk to us.  Why on Earth would any Florida official fail to take action to protect clean elections in the Sunshine State!

    Effectively, the State of Florida has until this Friday, February 13, 2015, to decide to appeal this ruling.  That is just a few days away. 

    If you are a Florida citizen, I hope you will do four things right now! 

    First - please contact Florida's Governor Rick Scott at (850) 488-7146 or send him an email him at  Tell him that you want them to appeal Arcia v. Florida Secretary of State to the United States Supreme Court.

    Second - call Attorney General Pam Bondi today and tell her you want them to appealArcia v. Florida Secretary of State.  The main switchboard number for her office is (850) 414-3300.

    Third - alert your Florida neighbors and friends to encourage them to call too. (Feel free to forward this email!)

    Fourth - please make your most generous tax-deductible contribution to Judicial Watch today so we can continue to fight voter fraud and carry out all our work battling government corruption.

    No other organization is fighting voter fraud like Judicial Watch, even going to court when necessary.  And your support now will ensure Judicial Watch and our Election Integrity Project will have the resources to fight this battle and so many other election fraud battles we are waging across the country. 

    Please act today.  Thank you!



    Thomas Fitton


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