America The Beautiful
Bad Bad America - Hated by the world
Down goes Haiti, and what great flag unfurls?
Can it be that same great Satan - With food and ships and planes?
Can it be the flag of freedom - Bringing medicine and grains?
...and where are the haters - With all their pomp and gore?
Where are all the pundits - Who say She'll be no more?
Where is the world - That says She's always wrong?
America the Beautiful - To Heaven She belongs
Come fly the flag of freedom! - Come sing us Liberty's song
America the Beautiful - So proud so brave so strong.

Lord knows She is surrounded - With troubles of her own
Lord knows this time she has to, - Face them all alone
But still she reaches out, - To save and give relief
America the Beautiful, - In mercy still believes.

The world will show it's darkness - And throw it's ugly stones
But Her blazing light of freedom – Will surely guide Her home.
Just one question I will leave, For long as man has eyes to see
Oh say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free - and the home of the brave?
by Neil Brian Goldberg
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  • A beautiful reminder of why our great country is so dear..throughout her history, America has time and time again landed on the shores, flown to the countries and brought in its best people for the sole mission of providing relief, comfort, aid and freedom to oppressed and suffering people all over the world.

    Perhaps, when tyrants such as Hugo Chavez, and all others who think like him and who would seek to damage or diminish our country, are making their final "office" visit to devil himself; will people like him realize that is was America, The United States of America that brought the mercy, compassion and the sweet taste of freedom to people in need.

    Perhaps not, but I will always be proud of my fellow Americans and U.S. military and all relief workers in the country for the acts of compassion and kindness they show during the hour of peoples' greatest need. I stand tall and proud today, as I have everyday, and I look upon that beautiful symbol of a great people and grand experiment in unlimited freedoms, the Stars and Stripes of Red, White and Blue. sweet land of liberty!!
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