America the Afraid

In the famous words penned by Francis Scott Key after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by Royal Navy ships in Chesapeake Bay during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812.

"The land of the Free and the home of the Brave." 

Americas citizens are faced with in my opinion the biggest challenges since the cold war. Each day more and more of our constitutional liberties are under attack from within our borders. 

We are told cannot say that it's not PC, accept everything , go with the flow, don't stand up, be complacent, right is wrong, the American flag offends people, capitalism is bad, the rule of law does not matter, illegal is legal, Islam is a religion of peace, watch your neighbors, your kids have to recite passages from the Koran, trust the NEA to set the standards for your children's education, you have no say what schools are teaching your children, fear the IRS, the BLM can take your land, let the TSA grope your family because they make the rules and arrest you if you protest, be subject to illegal searches, The Second Amendment is no longer valid, being a Christian is for the uneducated people and christian morals are outdated, states rights are subject to federal oversight and liberal judges decisions, voter fraud is not a crime, illegals can vote in elections, illegals are entitled to social benefits, Vets are disrespected and treated as second class citizens, America is an evil nation, Burning the flag is okay because its racist, It's okay to shoot a cop, It's no longer Christmas its Happy Holidays and you cannot say Merry Christmas, A confederate flag is racist, people deserve entitlements and you must comply with unlawful Supreme court decisions.

Did I miss anything? Of course I did because each day our rights and freedoms are being eroded by the progressives and an administration that believes America must be changed because it is an oppressive country and as a Nation we are bad people. 

Have we become a nation of fear filled people? Did we surrender our rights and freedoms to corrupt politicians? Whats happened to our independent spirit? Whats happened to God Bless America and One Nation Under God? When will we restore the Prayer and Pledge in our classrooms?

My point is Americans cannot live in fear when so many sacrificed and gave their lives to keep us free. The time has come for the Brave to stand up and be counted among those who said I will not cower before any threats , but I will stand my ground for God , Family and My country.

Let freedom Ring and God bless Merica.

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  • Semper, the America we love has been overthrown by Elite who hate Christ, the Constitution, etc. They follow Lucifer and their courts and politicians obey for pay; why else such support for porno, PPH, queer marriage and adoption, and all the ass backwards stuff you mentioned above. We need a Counter Revolution ASAP.

  • Our government has the most bases and aircraft carriers and uses the most bombs of any country. Comrade Hussein The Horrible bombs whoever he wants, where ever he wants, whenever he wants, for whatever reason he wants. We have been following the Zionist model for police actions, State Department actions, and economic & military actions; we apply overwhelming force first, take whatever we want and make enemies on all sides. Nobody has any god given right to bully and plunder anyone. We too are now like an isolated Ninja warrior kicking and slashing in all directions because he is surrounded by angry enemies. We need a new start; we need a POTUS who will fire everybody Bush and Obama hired and whoever they in turn hired. Somebody to tell our once hard earned but now used to be allies that we don’t want a Nobel Peace Prize given to us but we want to earn one the old fashioned way honestly. Our last two POTUS made problems and enemies everywhere but in Nov2016 we had an American Spring where the American People made it clear we want to advance world peace again like Reagan and Gorbachev did. We want real peace between stable nations, races and tribes and definitely not the old NWO agenda of the UN, US, EU Elite etc. People want freedom for peaceful expressions of worship and peaceful competition among religions, ideologies and commerce with honest money by common agreement; but, whenever violent cruel extremist criminals attack, people want united efforts by governments to stop it ASAP.

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