America's churches have become secular


By, Juan Reynoso WTP-Activist –

Most churches in America have become secular, is your church becoming secular?  Are we becoming secular?  If either; start praying, repent of anything you believe or do that is contrary to the scripture.  Start praying for your church and let the Bible be your guide.

Our country is in a crisis because we turn against God, we call ourselves Christians, but our actions reflect the ones of secular religion. My personal experience for the last 50 years bears this out. I've been to several different churches in the New York City, Montana, Arizona and Texas, and they've all drawn a diverse crowd, parents and families, people of color, an almost equal mix of men and women, a broad spread of ages and It's clear that communities like this attract people who just want to get on with their lives and live according to humanist values. As the numbers of nonreligious Americans continue to grow, we can be sure that these secular congregations will grow with them.

I dream of a true Christian community, that follow God’s law and really be our brother’s keepers; that care about each other and stand for our God given rights to life and free of crimes and corruption.

All human beings will benefit from belonging to a welcoming, supportive church. Through Christian congregations like this, we can help each other in times of need or crisis: when someone dies, we can gather to comfort the mourners and share memories of their life. We can come together to celebrate important life passages such as weddings and birthdays. We can also assemble to do good for our community, with charitable drives and volunteering. Research has repeatedly affirmed the benefits of social connection, showing that belonging to a Church contributes to leading longer, healthier, happier lives. Besides the immediate tangible benefits, we also gather to affirm a common identity. In a society that's still majority Christians, we must embrace all the people and no one should be a target of prejudice and misunderstanding, we must organize and becoming visible, we must show the world who we are and what we value, and that's always the first step in fighting this antichrist war. It will create a positive and welcoming image of Christianity that people will bear in mind when the government establishment tries to paint us with negative stereotypes of being against equal rights or religious fanatics.

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