America held Hostage

America is the HOSTAGE… but WHO is the Terrorist?

The Obama tactic of blame calling and ridicule remind me of two things.

In high school anybody who was being an outrageous axxhole got the crap beat out of him.

The “terrible twos” tantrum used be treated with a slap on the butt… today it is isolation.

THAT, in a nutshell, IS Obama.

He shouts daily that Republicans are holding America hostage. The TRUTH is it is Obama being a community organizer instead of a National Leader. His tactics are straight from Sal Alinsky. Period.

As usual, the TRUTH is just the opposite of what comes from the Chicago Obama Gang. Gang Obama and Little putrid harry reid are holding America hostage. The House has sent a dozen bills to the Senate about funding. Little Putrid harry will not allow any votes. Obama refuses to negotiate. THAT is HOSTAGE TAKING. They will NOT RELEASE America. It is time for a spanking or a time-out. Put them in their room till they wise up.


The lawlessness of gang Obama must stop!  His Crimes must be told!

They cannot run around every day jamming Obamacare down our throats as “the law”   and then decide which part THEY will choose to ignore or enforce. I have as much authority to change obamacare as does Obama…. Maybe more since I can Vote for Change….

The crisis –upon-crisis is now the debt ceiling. They are hoping to obfuscate, cloud, the issues in hopes of sliding Obamacare funding off to the back burner. Both issues are the same. America does NOT want either Obamacare or more and more of unlimited debt. Our Security from those that want to Destroy us is at stake if we do not eliminate our debt. The Commander of our Armed Forces told us that on National TV.

The Obamacare issue is simple. ALL spending authorizations must originate in our House of Representatives. IF the House believes that something should not be funded, it is their duty to not fund. THAT is our Constitution at work…. The rules…. Which Obama refuses to accept even though he SWORE to uphold them, but is known to pick and chose which ones HE WILL ENFORCE.  THAT, in a nutshell is why he has disqualified himself from any semblance of integrity and authority.


THEY will argue that Obamacare is the law. So was Prohibition. And the prelude to repeal of Obamacare is fiscal starvation, paralysis ; else we will have the modern day version of moonshiners in healthcare..


THEY will argue that the debt ceiling must be raised to pay for spending we already did. But they refuse to engage any sensible discussions about assuring we don’t face the same problem again. THEY should be reminded that the record is perfect…EVERY time the debt ceiling was raised, debt expanded to need another increase. THEY should be reminded that doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result is the essential definition of insanity. If anybody is insane it is Gang Obama.


There is only one basis for going forward. ANY discussion of increasing the debt ceiling MUST include discussion of measures to rein in unlimited, out-of-control, spending. The People have spoken 62% believe the Debt ceiling should not be increased after significant reductions in Spending.


Any ACTION toward raising the debt limit MUST be preceded by ACTION to assure spending is brought under control. The situation is simple. IF we continue the insane cycle of raise-spend-raise-spend, someday we will default. It might as well be now so that we can get on with a true fix. Gang Obama has already raised the Taxes Significantly with the highest tax increase in many Years and we still will spend $700 Billion dollars more than the Federal Revenue. Are we Rome? Have we reached the point of demise of the United States? China is now concerned we have and are telling us to get our financial house in order!STAND YOUR GROUND. BE FIRM. DO NOT BACK DOWN. THIS IS “IT”…IT IS TIME FOR SIGNIFICANT REDUCTIONS IN SPENDING!!!

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