America Attacked: No time for a Metro-Sexual President

4063579290?profile=originalRegarding the Libya attack, Romney said, “It's never too early for the United States government to condemn attacks on Americans and to defend our values.” In our Oprah-rized, touchy-feely metro-sexual society, the mainstream media and Democrats are trying to portray Romney as an out-of-control reckless cowboy.

This mindset that the slightest forcefulness and decisiveness is deemed to be extreme reflects the mainstream media's and the Democrat's decades long War on Testosterone. The left takes everything to its extreme. For example: If you believe the definition of marriage should remain between one man and one woman, the MSM and Democrats accuse you of hating gays and seeking violence against them.

Little boys acting like boys is cause for the left to recommend that they be drugged.

Obama's response to the murder of a U.S. ambassador and three staffers is metro-sexual at best. During Obama's press conference in response to the attack, a reporter asked if the Obama administration considered the attack in Libya an act of war. Obama would not respond to the question.

Is real manhood a no-no in America today? In typical fashion, I am sure the left will attempt to distort my celebration of manhood. They will accuse me of attacking womanhood and requesting that Obama act like an idiotic macho Neanderthal. I am not.

Rather than the mainstream media addressing Obama's wimpy response to “our houses” abroad being violated and Americans being murdered, the media is ganging up on Romney for his swift and strong response.

I watched a John Wayne movie the other day in which his character thought his son was dead. When his adult son reappeared, the Duke punched him. “That's for scaring me half to death!” Yes, the movie character’s response was over the top. And, I am not condoning a father punching his son.

But folks, I have to tell you that it was extremely refreshing to witness male toughness in the father and his son. The father and son were not crying on the Oprah show or discussing their dysfunction with Dr Phil.

Manhood is being wimped down folks, from pro football to committed heterosexuality being branded closed-minded. Elementary school kids are taught to be open-minded enough to give homosexuality a try before deciding their sexual preference.

Unlike their liberal counterparts, conservative women do not despise testosterone. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann would display stronger leadership in response to these attacks on America than our liberal apologetic metro-sexual president.

As our enemies feel more and more embolden by tepid responses, America needs a real Commander-in-Chief.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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  • Americans have been made a nation of cowards because of political correctness.Whites have been made to feel very low because of slavery 200 years ago??The whites have  been chickened down to accept the democratic mumbo jumbo of shame on you.If we dont stop that bullshi* and become men and women again we will be lost.It is because of that chickeness that bowed to all races of peoples and accepted the bullshi* dished out by should look at your self in the mirror every day and say "I am a White man and very proud of it"."I am a white woman and very proud of it I will not be discrimnated against because of it.."Once we get back our courage back we can take our nation back.When we allowed those democrats who were responsible for slavery to pin it all on the white man thats when they began the scam us and use reverse discriminaqtion on us.I was born a whiteman not a black,red,brown,yellow man.I had nothing to do to chosing what color I would be born.God made us all in his Image and in his likeness.We all have a very special place in God's creation.America was abundtly blessed by God because of our C.America is a Christian Nation because of our Christian heritage.I know that I will get in trouble for stating what I have from this site.Because this site is a politicaly correct site.

  • Not only did he put his fat mouth in the Zimmerman case he did it another time when he said the Police acted Stupidly. Well he acts Stupidly on a daily basis!

  • Obama (or whatever his real name is) claimed that Romney tends to shoot first and ask questions later, insinuating that he dosen't.  Another lie!  BHO had immediately shot from the hip in the George Zimmerman case with 'if I had a son he would be just like Travon' , even before the blood on GZ's head had dried.


  • Like Rush says OBummer is a  "Man/Child" I agree



  • Goodness sake, been saying that for years now...we need a MAN who'll come out swinging and not stop until he vanquishes these grubbers in Washington.  MITT, take off those gloves and hit them with everything in your war chest. It's time, overdue actually, to STAND THE HELL UP AND FIGHT!  Wonderful Post Lloyd...excellent !

  • ya andrew, just like the people who shot down our black hawk in africa to make sure they received medial care as well huh?

    only a blind blithering idiot would say they was dragging him to a hospital, how far away was  that?, they are doing this under intense fire of some form of weapon, yat every report being released said the "terrorist" knew he was being transfered to a "safe house" that these people know about more likely  than not days a head of attack, illary the muff muncher herself has put out more lies in the past three days than bill "knob robbing idiot" clinton did in his first year,

    no, no matter how this stacks up, i would not put it past numbless to stage this or be part of the problem. he has no policy for this region and his bowing, we are sorry we saved your ass from german rule has fell on deaf ears, they pay us back by attacking us and proving that obama is nothing more than a wimp, but he so far has shown he stands by the radicals that are burning our embassies down,

    lastly, and this may just be me and my anger at this inept prick, when he walked into the hanger yesterday he walked like he proud it happen, i saw no remorse, no anger, arragance beyond description, i saw no form of military respect what so ever from him or even the muff muncher as i replay it in my head, ya so his policies killed a few more of the damn pesky marines, so what, he has more where they came from, this ambassador, he might have been good at what he did, but he was gay according to one article i read, that is a violation of islamn, how to deal with it, well you attack the place he stays at at kill him and his staff, since you already know the oabam house will not react even though they had two full days of pre-attack notices

  • you must remember these are his people who attacked us. this entire administration is on the attackers side. who is hillary clintons chief of staff ? a muslim woman, married to anthoney weiner. who are the heads of all our agencies ? all communist, anti everything American. this mid-east tragedy is a win for this admin. clinton at least bombed an asperin factory in sudan and lobbed a few missles into afganistan after 2 of our embassy's in africa were destroyed and a few hundred people murdered.

    hilllary stated that the pics of some muslims dragging our abassadors body, showed they were taking him to a hospital for treatment. this is the type of people who are running our foreign policy. our msm will very quickly stop mentioning that this event happened.

  • To Mr. Powell:

    Sadly, it seems that about one half of the people living in America want her to fail.  This attitude has been inculcated in our youth by the public school system for two generations.  It was just beginning in the late 1960's when I was still in public school.  I recall a high-school teacher who was, simply, not like the others; he was younger, "hipper", and he didn't like America at all and was not afraid to share his views with the students.  There were many more like him in my university.

    We were, by then, less "children" than "young adults", so we didn't fall for it.  As these people, who had been taught their hatred for America and her ways in our colleges and universities, gradually entered the public education field, replacing the teachers who were retiring and leaving for "better" work, we developed a huge machine dedicated to warping children's minds by teaching them to hate their own country, among many other things not compatible with a free, righteous people.

    We who support our nation and its Constitution tend to be older and wiser.  We, however, are dying out, leaving this once-great country to the heathen.  There was a time when a person like Barry would have been summarily booed off the stage.  Eventually, in Post-WWII America, he would have been a very minor candidate who didn't stand a chance of winning even a local election.  That he, despite all of the missteps and lies, today garners support of half of the nation speaks volumes about where America is headed.

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