America and Divine Intervention

4063555469?profile=originalSome pundits say Obama has so successfully transformed America into a “gimme society” that the food stamp president will win re-election in a landslide. Other political wizards say the bloom is off the rose. A majority of Americans realize that Obama is a far-left, radical, socialist/progressive, anti-American, lawless dictator. His reign of terror will end come November. Arguments are strong supporting both scenarios.

Folks, candidly, I do not know which political egghead's election predictions are correct. Life has taught me never to invest total trust in my knowledge or in that of any man.
So yes, Obama appears to be doing a great job rallying his base: the lazy racists, the entitlement-minded socialists, the progressives and plain old haters of America. And yes, Obama does own the mainstream media.

Nevertheless, I am confident and strong. What is my response to all the odds appearing overwhelmingly in Obama's favor? Two words: “But God...”
I realize that some on our side get the heebie-jeebies whenever the “G” word is brought into the mix. This is a sad commentary to the effectiveness of the left's relentless campaign to ban God from the public square. America was founded on God and godly principles.

Without going into a lengthy personal testimony, I will say that countless times, when it appeared that all hope was lost, God intervened and turned things around in my favor. My future looked dark. “But God...”

Benjamin Franklin said, “God governs in the affairs of man.” History documents many incidences when America was on the verge of receiving a death-blow, foiled by divine intervention.

The Battle of Long Island was decided by sudden mysterious fog.

In August 1776, with the water full of British warships, George Washington and his Continental Army faced certain defeat by the British in New York City. Besides being extremely outnumbered, Washington's troops were freezing and starving. Adding insult to injury, unseasonable bad weather moved in and it was raining.

The rain turned out to be an extraordinary blessing in disguise. The next morning it was so blindingly foggy that the Brits could not attack. They were forced to wait until the fog passed.
Even more freaky is that the fog only appeared in areas in which it was needed to conceal Washington’s operations from the British. Remarkably, other areas of New York City were perfectly clear.

The fog provided Washington enough cover and time to slip his army to Manhattan without losing a single troop. Washington did not have to fight the British that day. He eventually won the war.

The Brits appeared to have the battle against America all sewn up. “But God...”

Patriots, like you, my heart aches for America. Unbelievably, the mayors of two major cities threatened to punish a restaurant chain if it attempted to do business in their towns because the CEO is a Christian who does not embrace same-sex marriage.

A Supreme Court justice bent the Constitution to uphold the greatest attack on freedom in American history, essentially sealing the death of America as intended by God and our Founding Fathers.

Religious institutions are decreed to fund contraceptive services against their faith or suffer the wrath and iron fist of Obama.

Public schools are indoctrinating our children, beginning in elementary school, to believe that homosexuality is normal -- no different from being born left-handed. Outrageously, our kids are even encouraged to give homosexuality a try before deciding their sexuality.

I find it particularly disturbing that what it means to be an American continues to be diminished. Our parents' legacy of hard work, individuality, and independence is being suppressed. Americanism under Obama means as many people as possible dependent on government. Forget striving to be all you can be; forget pursuing the American dream for you and your family. The message of our socialist dictator is work to share everything equally.

Meanwhile, many Christians either are not interested in voting or refuse to vote for a candidate less perfect than Jesus Christ. To win approval from the left, some Christians caution their brethren not to be too outspoken regarding their faith like that embarrassing Tim Tebow.

Still, I remain vigilant in my quest to defeat Obama. “All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”

At dinner, a patriot asked, “Mr. Marcus, do you ever get depressed about our country.” I could, very easily. “But God...”

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


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  • Howdy.

    if Jesus had of stepped down from the CROSS we all world wide would  NEVER have away to be SAVED.

    and as for the Military helping him out GOD never needs help, but in times of great calamity  he has CHOSEN to use MAN KIND to help SAVE OTHER PEOPLE AND NATIONS.

    it's my HOPE being former Military MARINES CORPS, those personal DECIDE to  LEND A HAND in saving this NATION.

    Semper Fi.


  • Elaine, interesting thought....Jesus did pray to the Father.  I am not sure of this, but I think only twice Jesus ask the Father to intervene.  He asked the Father... "O My Father, if it is possible, LET THIS CUP PASS FROM ME; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will." and on the Cross...  “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”   

  • Thanks Elaine...

  • Divine Intervention?  God already did that.  This is not about God.  It is about the people of God.  Chief Justice Roberts effectively said by his decision, I paraphrase,  Don't come to us to do what you should have done yourself.  You have the power of the Constitution, you screwed it up, now fix it yourselves. End of Paraphrase.  We screwed it up once before, a long, long time ago, and you know about that Divine Intervention.  Did you ever hear of so much rain since than?  Keep it simple please.  Look around you and use what you have from God.  A brother, friend, neighbor, sister that may be on the fence.  Enlighten them the best you can.  Don't look to plant trees all over the world, just in your back yard.  In my little circle, everyone I know is voting for Romney.  How about you guys? 

  • Good Philip, I stand FIRMLY by what I said. It's too bad you can't understand what was being said. Enough of my precious time wasted on this subject!
  • Julie, I stand firmly behind my original post. If you didn't understand the context of what Lloyd Marcus said that's your problem.

  • Elaine, ty, always reading and thinking as all of us do.  We can bring Prayer back, even if we have to write from our homes to agencies and boards we all can do what we can.  Knowledge frm. every generation must come out, write an article for your local newspaper.  You r NOT old, u r Bold, TY(thank you).

  • Lloyd, Obama and the left want as many Americans dependent on the government as possible but that is only until they radically and permanently change our country and instate a socialist dictatorship. Then I can guarantee you everything will change toward those people they used to get their way. No more freebies, but austerity. That is what people need to know who are being USED to destroy our country and what they will be left with once we have no say anymore. Thanks for spreading the truth and trying to expose those that are against our country and what has made our America so great.

  • Elaine, my biggest prayer is to raise Godly men in this mixed up world. You are very kind!
  • Thank you Elaine. You are exactly right. God bless you as well!
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