America a criminals Paradise-Congress actions on Obama's Fraud and Forgery are adding up
You want to know the definition of 'failing their oaths', 'insanity', and just a plain lack of common sense? Try telling someone who just robbed you who has been investigated with over 2200 hours of law enforcement that because they've had your stolen goods for a few years now, its just too late to prosecute them.
"That's the definition of what Obama's fraud and forgery looks like from the 'We The People' as Obama's heist of our Country, our Constitution, and our vote", Congress and United States Supreme Court.

The Cody Robert Judy v. Obama SCOTUS Case No. 12-5276 is mentioned at the end of this very informative and provocative video. Tell your Reps its not to late to hear and stop the fraud and forgery upon our Country, our Constitution and our vote. We would like to thank Tracy from the great state of Maryland for her hard work and production of this press release featured video. 

Speaking of Batman's new release.. did you see the new Batman 2012 feature called "The Dark Horse" and we're talking Presidential Candidate?
Mean time, Cody has set to fire up the nation's air waves with two more dynamite songs that finishes his album America X which you can receive free by sending the Campaign a contribution of over $ 250.00 or more. Cody has all 15 songs on his YouTube Station CODE4PRES for free anyway if you don't wanna contribute, we've just put them all together.
      Cody's little boy Stradda is a big fan of Irion Man ability to fly, so he asked his Dad if he could fly. This was the best Cody could do for Stradda right now and its so cute. This video also features a bit of video celebrating the Olympics in London, England the security of which has been great.
Wanna spice things up with your Honey? Why not play this for them when you get home and spice up the romance..Take It Off - A sexy fun Cody Robert Judy Band Original written, produced, and performed by Cody Robert Judy - Take It Off is perfect for your Honey when he or she comes home.
Well that's more announcements and fun in one press release then you've ever gotten from a Campaign, so we'll leave ya with that.
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy
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