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Posted on Big Government-By Andrew Breitbart-On September 13, 2011:

History will never be able to tell us who made the fatal error in New York’s 9th district – Barack Obama, or Anthony Weiner.

Just as Weiner kept on making critical errors every step of the way as his personal scandal unfolded earlier this year, President Obama has done everything in NY-09 to show that he is no friend of Israel and has no clue how to create jobs or learn from his many mistakes.

I predict a tectonic shift among American Jews and within the Democratic Party if Obama doesn’t quietly retire. All the spinning in the world can’t spin away the trend of Scott Brown, the Tea Party victory of November 2010, and now the Turner earthquake.

Many Democrats are awakening to the reality that their party has been hijacked by a radicalism completely unfamiliar to their parents’ and grandparents’ Democratic Party.

An internal, partisan civil war is now brewing in that party. What I think tonight is less important than what Joe Lieberman, Bill Clinton, Evan Bayh, and the rest of the former, and now defunct, reasonable wing of the Democratic Party is thinking tonight.”


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I. Turner Win to Send '3 Shock Waves' Across Political Landscape!

Posted on David A. Patten-On September 14, 2011:

Political commentator and author John Fund tells Newsmax that Republican Bob Turner’s victory in New York’s 9thCongressional District special election will trigger “three shock waves” across the national political landscape.

First, no Democrat can consider themselves completely safe in 2012 if the economy remains bad — no Democrat. If this district can go, any district can conceivably go,” Fund said during an exclusive interview with Newsmax shortly before Turner was declared the winner over Democratic State Assemblyman David Weprin.

Two, I think Republicans were able to find their voice on every issue. They were able to come up with a compelling positive message, not just a negative message, and they rammed it through and the Democrats did not have a good response.

“The third shock wave is, I think, that this will put Jewish contributor money and Jewish votes in play in key states — whether it’s Ohio or Florida or Pennsylvania.”

It appeared as if a majority of the Jewish vote in the district went to Turner, Fund said.

“That is a political earthquake,” Fund says. “Jews around the country, both donors and voters, will pay attention to that and take note of it.”

District 9, which straddles the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, is the most heavily Jewish in the nation. It has been represented in the past by such liberal icons as now-Sen. Chuck Schumer, as well as a former Democratic vice presidential candidate, the late Geraldine Ferarro.

Polls before the election suggested Israel was very important to 37 percent of the voters in the district. Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch endorsed Turner, saying it was time to send a message to the Obama administration over Israel and the economy.

Koch took the podium at the Turner rally and sounded a Republican theme, asking Washington: “Where are the jobs?”

Turner took a strong pro-Israel stance during the campaign, while Weprin supported construction of a mosque near ground zero that Turner opposed.

“I tell you, I never saw more rabbis than I saw tonight,” Fund said. “There were rabbis everywhere at the Turner headquarters.”

Fund said he spoke with Turner, a former television executive, who said the major issues were jobs, Israel, and “in general, the sense that it was time to send a message to Washington about how upset people were.”

“I’d also have to say that the social issue of gay marriage played a role, because this happened only a couple of months after the New York State Legislature passed gay marriage,” Fund said. “The Orthodox Jewish community and the Catholic community in this district were involved. The National Organization for Marriage spent $75,000. It’s not something you may read about in other papers, but I think gay marriage was an issue here.”


II. No Democrat is safe!


Posted on Joe Kovacs-On September 14, 2011:

PALM BEACH, Fla. – In the wake of last night’s big Republican win for the New York seat in Congress abandoned by Anthony Weiner, top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh says not a single Democrat in America can count on being elected in 2012.

“No Democrat is safe because the American people are sick and tired of Democrats lying and smearing and failing,”said Limbaugh, analyzing Bob Turner’s sound defeat of Democrat David Weprin.

Limbaugh called the outcome the revenge of America” against the policies of President Obama, saying it was a clear rebuke of the commander in chief.

President Obama is definitely beatable – and this book shows you how!

“It is the economy. It’s the uncertainty. It is the fear that this is not how this kind of stuff is supposed to happen in this country,” he explained. “We’re not supposed to lose jobs like this and never get them back. We’re not supposed to have a president who presides, happily it seems at times, over the decline of this country. ...

“[People] are tired of the amateur hour that this regime is. They’re tired of the deficit and the neverending stimulus and spending and debt. They don’t want Obamacare. They don’t want nationalized medicine, forced, government-run health care. They don’t want it.

“They don’t want a president filling out NCAA brackets, going to play golf more than the host of this show does and attending all these parties. ... It’s the price of gasoline, it’s the markets. It’s the fact that we have put a moratorium in drilling for our own oil. People are not stupid. Their lives are affected by what this administration has done, and every chance the people of this country have had to show it at the ballot box, they have done so without doubt.”

Limbaugh said national media outlets seemed stunned by the upset, since Democrats held the seat since 1923.

“It is so satisfying to read the media today,” he said. “They are shocked to the core at AP. They are shocked to the core at Politico. They are shocked to the core at all of the state-run media giants. It’s another bitch slap is what this is, and it continues. First you had Chris Christie in New Jersey. Then you had the Kennedy seat [in Congress]. Then you had the governor of Virginia, you had that slip. Then you had the 2010 congressional elections. There is a trend. Conservatism is in the ascendency, and it is being aided immensely by Obama and the Democrats all know this.”

Limbaugh noted the tea party wasn’t active in the race, and neither was talk radio.

“This was pure and simple Bob Turner,” he said. “This puts to the lie another myth that all politics is local, because this race had a lot of issues in it that had nothing to do with anything local,” as he cited Obama’s abandonment of Israel and the president’s economic policies.

“Turner during the campaign made it clear what he was going to do if he won. He’s gonna go to Washington to start trying to roll [Obama’s actions] back. The voters of this district knew exactly what they were voting for. They knew exactly what they were voting against. They knew exactly where the candidates were on this, and it cannot be said that there’s an artificial aspect to this outcome in any way, shape, manner or form.”


III. Obama Loses PA Referendum in NY Election!-Posted on Israel National News-By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu-On September 14, 2011:

IV. Koch: NY Race Proves Obama Can't Take Jewish Vote for Granted!-Posted on Martin Gould-On September 14, 2011:

V. ‘AttackWatch’: New Obama Campaign Website Claims Beck ‘Twists The Facts On Israel’!-Posted on The Blaze-By Meredith Jessup-On September 13, 2011:

VI. Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of conservatives!-Posted on Washington Post-By Elizabeth Flock-On September 14, 2011:

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