After the Fact

After the fact that we are turned into slaves of the powerful, what then?  Thirty-six years ago my business enterprise was on the rocks and my wife was divorcing me.  I was a failure and I blamed government.  That isn’t the point. What I could do about it is the point. We know only too well the problem, folks. I have not heard what we can do about it.  We can put the right people in office. The problem is still there. Putting the right people in office is not the right answer.


At age 49, I was a failure. After that fact, all my dreams came true.  Presently, America’s establishment has failed. We are given the establishment answers—address the symptoms and ignore the cause.  That is not what the Constitution says.  There is a double standard, one for government, another for the individual.  This is what divides us.  A house divided does not long stand. 


It is futile to look to government for answers.  I go on what is good for me. I’m a winner. For the good of all, a loser for you and me, a winner for government. The Constitution is not what government says it is but what I say it is; that is, if I hope to win. You can find in the written record that I beat government. I beat the politicians you elected.  I was right; you were wrong.  The government was forced to eat crow.  You said nothing, I guess, because it was a mystery to you, and perhaps a threat.  What could you do if your entitlement was declared unconstitutional?   All government entitlements are unconstitutional.  Government entitlement is purely an expedience.  Before New Deal Law there were no government entitlements. We were not threatened with bankruptcy.  Future generations were not burdened with former generations’ debts.  By your expedience—your choice of politicians—you have left your children a nation that is weak and uncertain.


It took determination, and for an extended period of time to beat Uncle Sam, but my reward was great.  If we knew that our rights are not automatic, we would not be in the current debt crises.  The economy would be more productive than anyone can imagine. The politicians would be making the right decisions. We would be able to say our dreams have come true.  


When I was establishment oriented, I used to dream that I was out on the street with no clothes on. It came from being taught that I was going to make a fool of myself if I dared to make my voice heard. I’m no longer religious. The Constitution supports me. The religious don’t. They look at me as a threat.


The background of law upon which the Constitution was founded followed no particular religion. The Bible doesn’t follow the doctrines and dogmas of various religions.  Jesus’ teaching does not follow the doctrines and dogmas of religions. Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence was not religious. Religions are manmade.  Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.” God brings us love; man’s religions bring us war, and the same for the idea that government’s duty is to do for the good of all. God-given rights cannot be replaced by man.  There can be no compromise.  By compromising your God-given rights, you allow your representatives to do for the good of all things that rob you of your God-given rights and responsibilities.  You will never be able to say all your dreams have come true as long as you compromise what is yours forever—rights that do not come from religions or from government, rights that may not be taken, or in any way compromised.   


God is love; all else is false. God put man on earth to build a solid foundation of love.  Jesus warned us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. He told us to not hide our light under a bushel.  He told us we cannot serve two masters.  And he told us to ask and it would be given, seek and you will find.  I learned all of this after the fact.  It’s incomprehensible but true.  My life is as good as it gets.  Naturally, I want to pass on what I’ve learned.

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