By Oscar Y. Harward

After massive loses in the November General Elections, the Democrat Party is searching; anything to stop their hemorrhaging.

Ferguson, Missouri’s Michael Brown was a criminal.  President Obama, AG Holder, Missouri Governor Nixon, Al Sharpton, and other Democrat Party members are labeling racism as any differing action(s) between individuals involving any dissimilar skin of color.

Evidence reveals Michael Brown as a repetitive criminal.  Ferguson’s own community and others protested Brown’s death by rioting, vandalizing, looting, and burning their neighborhood.  Now, President Obama is asking Americans’ taxpayers to rebuild this devastated area.

Eric Garner refused to obey NYPD officers.  In controlling Garner, he told the officers he could not breathe; then died.  A NY grand jury didn’t indict Officer Pantaleo of any wrongdoing.  Many leading Democrats disagree.

Any effort to rescind the ‘grand jury’ process is another effort to destroy our US Constitution.

Demonstrators across America under Obama’s advisor, tax-evading Al Sharpton and others claim Michael Brown’s and Eric Garner’s deaths are racism.

Now, Senate California’s Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein is revealing how CIA uses approved tactical methods obtaining evidence from captured known terrorists; as practiced in their efforts to save Americans’ lives.                                                             

The Democrat Party suffered historical loses in the November 2014 General Election; the Senate, the House, several Governors, and in some states’ General Assemblies.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other similar Democrat Party’s activities may destroy their own Democrat Party, the CIA’s international intelligence, and a free America.

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  • we the people,who are the real government.first off ovomit/satan isn,t a president yes he is in the wh,and has fooled people into accepting him as president.but everyone i know never voted for him either time,and we will never accept him as president.too many required credentials which were never proven either in requirements or any proven evidence of him being who is says he everyone we know refer to ovomit as upsurp,ineligible treasonous war crimes racist unamerican in any job it requires prove/evidence/qualifications of said job.we haven,t been shown any such documentation.which can only lead to one conclusion.ovomit email us for examples of what a real legal american taxpaying citizens required documents look like,for example a real social security card,and real birth certificate legal drivers license credit card and if you persist a real nyc library card looks like.everyone by me awaits your response.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

  • Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of Obamacare, said that the American people are "stupid"' causing a huge uproar for insulting, we, the people. The sad part of Gruber`s statement is that it is much more truthful than we may realize. Conventional wisdom is always telling everyday folks in America that you " Don`t talk politics, or religion because they are both so divisive"' The two most important influences in your life and you`'re NOT supposed to talk about them...why? Why is it that public schools no longer teach Government, Civics, or Social Studies, like they used to back in the day? Why is it that there is no longer an emphasis on our Constitution and the rights and liberties, and protection that it provides against government intrusion into our lives? Why is it that we ( the people ) have allowed religion and references to our God, that taught our kids morality, and gratitude to be replaced by human secularism? In our blind complacency we have lost sight of what Makes America great, and thus we, as its` citizens. Why do less than 50% of us turn out for elections and allow a very small minority of often times left wing radicals determine their own agenda? We need to renegade America, BEFORE our lack of vigilance costs us everything.If the future doesn't`t matter anymore than Jonathon Gruber is absolutely right...we are stupid!

  • Keep pushing tons of crap on us, one after the other, we can keep up.  We're used to how you do things now.  Cover up after cover up, lies and more lies.  Break this country, we know what you are doing!  We never forget, and we are watching you.

  • "May destroy" America. Get this right. That is their main #1 must be obtained goal. They lost control because they thought americans would blindly follow them into anarchy - bankruptcy & oblivion. They were slightly wrong. Fear not for they have bi-partisan support. They reached out to Baynor & Macdonnelll who have fervently guaranteed them that they will help them destroy this country at all costs. Social security is bankrupt but do not fear Baynor is going to borrow more money to fund it's bailout (from china)..  They are granting benefits to 11-20 million illegal immigrants. They can not borrow money to fix the VA hospitals or feed the children of our currently serving service members. They give money to non-citizens of this country but can only give our service members a 1% raise. How many congressional staffers are going to stay in Washington if all they get is a 1% pay raise each year. Today I learned that the IRS paid out billions of dollars to people who were not entitled to it & they do not have to pay it back. So lets get real by starting right now to garnish the wages of every IRS employee until the billions are paid back by the idiots that stole it from you & I. How about we quit buying tanks - planes & surface to air missiles for the Egyptians - Pakistanis - Libyans & the PLO? How about we close the embassies in these & other countries harboring our enemies & start spending the money on our citizens? How about we kick the aliens out & tell them it is not our job to support them. How about we kick the communists out & send them back to mother Russia where the quality of life is so much better? How about we call our congressmen & senators & tell them they are fired?

  • Oscar, may I make one revision? You said Pres. Obama, AG Holder, et. al, are labeling racism as any differing action(s) between individuals involving any dissimilar skin of color. May I suggest they're calling if racism only if the alleged victim is a minority and the other person or person were white?

  • When it comes to the far Left, nothing deters them from sticking to their "Fundamental changing of America" agenda. No stinking historical mid-term loss is going to stop them. Nope. They have a list, and they check off the boxes as they go along. If they cannot win at the ballot box (even with their technically skilled methods of voter fraud), they beat you in the courts.

    With the help of the spineless GOP, Obama and his merry band of socialists have been packing the courts with liberal wacky Judges for a long while now.  Don't forget about the kiddies being indoctrinated in our schools - that we pay for.  And if they need public opinion to be swayed, they also OWN the corrupt lapdog media. While Obama is ripping everyone off, making unconstitutional, liberty robbing laws, the media simply blacks out the coverage or tells us where Michelle is going on vacation. Isn't that nice?

    But then again, they must think we're all stupid. Gruber thinks so. He's said that to a appreciative laughing crowd in 7 or 8 videos. There could be more. What funny man. BUT wait! News Flash! He has apologized! Yippee! So, for the GOP, that's all that is necessary.

    However, these socialist, communist, progressives officially like to call themselves Democrats. Geez, doesn't that sound so folksy? They're for the people. They like to control things. They  do, because they know better. Just ask the head Marxist in the White Hut. He's there to make sure the agenda stays right on track no matter how many Democrats lose their office with their favorite window seat. It's party first, gang.

    Obama is very busy corralling this terrible scourge in America known as White Privilege. He says on Fusion TV, 'Those people are a problem, but I've been there to change that and create MORE equality.' Doe making them more equal mean more of them being unemployed? Who knows? I suppose we don't understand that people of color must express themselves by burning their community down every now and then. They're just looking for equality, or something. Oh yes, ....It's also NOT looting. It's now called undocumented shopping. See? We have a lot to learn.

    Next inline is Gun control. Losing the mid-terms? They don't need any stinking mid-terms.

  • We must use Feinsteins treachery to make sure the Democrats lose the White House in 2016 & also lose more seats in both Houses of Congress.
  • Think "May" is the operative word here, how about "Is"???

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