Sadly, it seems that President Obama believes that we live in a country where you can change the law simply by giving a speech. 

Over the past few weeks, we have seen President Obama's absolute disregard for the Constitution on a variety of issues, from healthcare to immigration to marriage.

The role of President, by design, is quite limited. You actually do need Congress to change laws, at least according to the Constitution.

This past Friday, the President gutted the landmark welfare reform law that I coauthored in 1996. He instructed Health and Human Services (HHS) to remove the work requirement for welfare recipients.

This legislation had been passed by the House and Senate and signed by a President, which is the requirement to change laws, yet he changed this major piece of legislation and ignored the intent of Congress all by simply giving a speech.

Here are some additional abuses by President Obama:

  • Earlier this year, he made three recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) when the Senate was still in session.

  • He had his Justice Department file a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for enforcing immigration laws. Arizona was just enforcing the laws that Obama refused to enforce.

  • By giving a speech, he announced that he would now follow the DREAM Act, a law Congress has not passed. He instructed his Department of Homeland Security to no longer deport young illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria he set.

  • He instructed his Justice Department to stop enforcing DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, a law duly passed by Congress, simply because he did not like the law.

  • He instructed HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to grant waivers, and establish new budgets and guidelines for implementing Obamacare, without any Congressional oversight.

  • He had his Department of Interior illegally place a moratorium on offshore drilling. This was illegal because a federal judge in Louisiana held them in contempt of court for "dismissive conduct" for doing that earlier.

  • His Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has implemented one job-killing policy after another, without Congressional approval.

I started Patriot Voices so that we could stand together to make sure our elected officials followed the constitution and stood up for our values. Clearly, our country's future is at risk if President Obama continues to abuse the power of the presidency. 

Would you consider joining our efforts by making a contribution to Patriot Voices today of $10, $25, $50 or even more so that we can afford to continue to fight for these values?

Standing with you,


Rick Santorum 

P.S.: Please read my article about Obama's continued abuse of power, and consider forwarding this to your friends and family, so they too can learn about these flagrant abuses of power that the mainstream media is ignoring!

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