A World Under Siege

Nothing in the universe is too big to fail. There is a beginning and an end of all things. Whenever you replace God with man, then too big to fail becomes the law. The lesser of two evils becomes the law. The good of all overrides the good of the individual. Great men envision the world the way they want it. Great men’s ends justify their means. Name one great man whose ends, at great cost, lasted more than a few generations.

In response to 9-11, we’ve got the War on Terrorism led by the United States and the United Kingdom, with the support of other NATO and non-NATO nations. The world is forced to fight a few Muslim extremists who brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center, did extensive damage to the Pentagon, killed thousands of people, and put a dent in the U. S. economy. Quite a victory for a few, wouldn’t you say? Thousands of Muslims in the Mid-East danced in the streets. Now we’ve got what they want, the War on Terrorism.

With an unlimited supply of humanity with whom to mingle, to the great disadvantage of freedom loving people, but to extremist Muslims human life is cheap; terrorists will stop at nothing; they have nothing to lose; the West is limited; terrorists have all the time in the world to wear the West down, with half of we Americans who don’t like our freedom, the half that don’t want personal responsibility for their lives, preferring instead cradle to grave security, what about the other half? Do you people call this freedom? We have to be crazy to fork over our sweat for this.

I don’t know how many of you have been reading my blogs, but I’ve been telling you what we can do about the too big to fail United States. First and foremost, we must learn how the universe is put together. It’s nothing like you’ve been taught. We now have scientific proof; I have my good life to prove it, not to mention my Constitution, which your government has assigned a glass case in Washington, D.C. I used it, much to the chagrin of government, and through it turned my life around.

The too big to fail United States is passing huge spending bills in the dark of night that do nothing to preserve our freedom. The too big to fail United States bails out corporate crooks, leaves our southern border open to criminals and terrorists, and cripples us with the racial profiling tag. Shamefully, every right we once had is being eliminated by and through the lesser of two evils scenario the too big to fail United States is foisting off on you, not me. My life is good.

When authority tells you, for your own good—take for instance the pat down—you have to do this or that, weigh it. Remember the two black thugs standing at the entrance of a voting place with clubs, the goons Attorney General Holder refused to prosecute? Is it really for your own good or authority’s good? Really, folks, do you like being groped? You know government bureaucrats, especially union bureaucrats. Those goons, like the above named with the clubs, have the power and they love to make you toe the line. Imagine someone patting you down with the mentality of the union thugs you see demonstrating their talent for intimidation. If you flinch when they goose you, you are resisting. You are in big trouble, boy. It can cost you $11,000. We are now subject to Nazi type oppression. Thanks to terrorism, what a hassle it has turned out to be to fly. What is your government up to?

Is the pat down not really government intimidation? We can do no other than pat everyone down because to do otherwise would be racial profiling. We can do no other than let terrorists and criminals cross our southern border because to do otherwise would be racial profiling. We can do no other than allow a mosque to be built near ground zero because the Constitution says we have to allow it. We have to try terrorists in our courts, and praise them for exonerating a terrorist that murdered 239 people, convicting him only of destroying government property. What kind of justice do you call that? We really must allow the authorities to limit free enterprise to save the environment. It’s all in our best interests that we pay double our power costs.

Is this not a lesser of two evils shell game government is playing to take away every right you have, including your right to earn a living? Is it not the end result justifies the means? Our rights, our property, our lives must yield to government’s noble end. It’s unbelievable! Tell me when it has ever worked to the individual’s advantage let government plan your life. Government is either your servant or your master. Is this not being carefully orchestrated by mafia type political schemers? Is the end not one-world socialist dictatorship?

For an undeniable fact, the United States has not won a war since World War II. What are we accomplishing in Afghanistan? The same as in Viet Nam. Besides the expenditure of American lives, we are spending money we don’t have to spend. The way I see it, your government has made us two-time losers.

The question arises: Is your mind in your skull, or is it in an unbounded state? Are you not free to think what you want? Are you not born with a destiny? I don’t understand it. Why are a precious few destined to do great things, which cost us immeasurably, and the masses destined to drift on the tides? Why were you created with a mind capable of thinking beyond the end of your nose? Do you leave it to authority to do your thinking because you love losing? That seems to be the case. The lesser of evils is accommodation—peace at any price. Why do you think the world’s tyrants continually threaten us? So allow yourself to be patted down because you don’t want to risk being blown out of the sky. Peace at any price. It makes a lot of sense. You pay in more than one way.

The War on Terrorism is a war of minds and, clearly, you are the big loser. Is your government not the winner? It is using the War on Terrorism to terrorize you. Why would you allow your government to call you guilty without probable cause? Where is your mind? You are not using your mind; you are jumping through hoops.

How much longer?

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  • For every action there is a reaction. My reaction, in 1975, was in anger. I had my right. The IRS called me a Fifth Amendment freak. When I read the Constitution, I felt that voices of the past were speaking to me. I sublimated my anger. I had a bigger than life calling. I made the IRS eat crow on the front page of The Palm Beach Post.
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