A Traitor is a Traitor is a Traitor


In 2008, Obama said he would fundamentally change America – why weren’t we in shock when we heard those words.  What did we really think he meant? 

A man who wouldn’t honor our Country by placing his hand over his heart during our National Anthem and in return we’re supposed to honor this man some call Mr. President… Most politicians wore the flag pin since September 12 after the terrorist attack on the towers to honor fallen victims, our Troops and the family members who lost love ones on 911. Obama was ridiculed for refusing to wear the flag pin and finally relented.

Obama nonchalantly gives US support to the Arab Spring movement in his televised speech on the Middle East. In fact he bragged about planting the seeds of the Arab Spring that started in Tunis spreading throughout the Middle East.  He even promised to use all US resources to assist them.

He is the one we should be holding responsible for the  Fast and Furious gunrunner operation, the 787 billion stimulus money that he stole from taxpayers, the deliberate support of the Muslim Brotherhood, opening up our borders to drug cartel and terrorists, weakening our Military, refusing to support Netanyahu and the ugly corrupt Obama list just rambles on…

When is enough, enough?  Why would anyone including African Americans, Hispanics, women and our youth support a person who is destroying our Nation.  Are they really that naïve? Don’t they realize our Military is in harm’s way due to Obama’s foreign policies?  Don’t they realize Obama used a sledge hammer to stop drilling on the coast, nixed the Keystone Pipeline and hamstrung all businesses?

When Mitt Romney was chewed up and kicked under the bus over his remarks about the 47% not voting for him and placed them in the category of victims - for the first time in many years finally one man had the guts to state the truth.  These people are the victims of the Government and Obama continued using them and destroying all their hope for a better day starting in 2008 during his Presidential campaign.

He has followed the Rules for Radicals to a “T” which is based on one theory only destroying your adversaries. Obama has never allowed a serious crisis go to waste and his goal to overthrow Capitalism is being accomplished by creating a vacuum that places more and more people under Government control via entitlements.

These people Mitt Romney refers to are the victims of a corrupt vicious dictator who lives by theCloward/Piven strategy to create an ongoing crisis and manage it by abusing those who in fact need a hand up, not a hand out. It’s time for those who are undecided about the Presidential Election this year to step forward and stop the traitors in our Government including all of Obama’s Administration, the Liberal News Media and extreme Liberals.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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  • I pray that all people who stand on the sacred soil of The United States of America understand what this subversive along with the other treasonest Hillary Clinton have brought into our nation and the treats that everyone of us face! Who and when will we find a voice strong enough to get all Americans who understand what is at stake to rid us of this phelgim!
  • This pice of garbage barack hussein obama is not a traitor . In order to be a traitor one who have to be a citizen of the country they are betraying and obama is not a US citizen . He belongs in Guantanamo prison with the rest of the terrors .

  •  "do you think any vote is going to change anything"

    Yes, I do. The hell it won't.

    Just like people with the attitude of "my vote doesn't matter" are equally responsible for this nightmare we are in now.  Doug

  • I have been screaming this message since I heard him say it!!! MY GOD why didn't any one listen??!!! He has been trying to “change” America into a third world country! He is killing the “hope” in the American Dream”!! Now his efforts is to “foreclose” on America’s future!! We must get every vote to get rid of the virus in charge of OUR country and  ALL of the progressive scum destroying America!! And we keep the fires lit under the feet of our elected officials because politicians work for US!! If they don’t do the job they are elected / hired to do, THE Y MUST GO!!

    Get the US out of the UN and the UN OUT of the US, NOW!!!

  •   Donald youre right impeach youre right no one steps up. Now what do we do, go to our Constitution, Im stepping up are you & the rest of the folks of the Tea Party, This falls on We The People our govt has failed I replied on this post yesterday Im standing & fighting are you how about the rest of the folks. I see alot of talk, alot of passing the buck. our govt is corrupt do you think any vote is going to change anything. This corrupt govt has been yrs in the making, We The People let it happen Its up to We The People to correct it. Im as much at fault as anyone didnt keep an eye on DC like I should, let politicians get away w/ crap etc were all at fault. So here we are no more passing the buck no more someone else will do it Remember folks we have a Constitution time to FIGHT

  • I've said for the past two years, "Impeach him", but no one steps up to do it!!

  • @Marcia,

    There is no one on the hill with a pair big enough to stand up to this USURPER, even congress has the info from Sheriff Joe and they said they would not act on it until after the election.


  •    If anyone had been paying attention to the 2008 election rhetoric and the catch phrase " I will fundamentally change America " , they might have thought , change how , why ? When I first heard this phrase the light went ' DING ' and flashed on . The only change that has been going on among Democrats starting with LBJ is a progressive march towards Communism . Every Democratic candidate has had bold socialist ideas and all were based in Marxism . Even the Senate and Congress had socialistic members . If it involved welfare it got passed . Now along came an unknown , one who spouted Marxist propaganda and he sells his agenda simply because of his mixed race and people wishing to be politically correct and not called "racist" they elect him . Well you asked for it and for the past 3yrs and 8 mos you 've had it . If you want an America like we are accustomed to in past , we had best vote this fraud out and make sure we never elect another like him .

  •  Is their any connection between 'Ass, nation, and and an ass in nation?  Sorta weird coincidence isn't it.

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