A Star is Born

The history of America’s black people informs me that whites have thought blacks were inferior, moreover, it was dangerous to educate them, in fact against the law. What a terrible thought! George Washington owned slaves. Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. Even the emancipator of America’s slaves, Abraham Lincoln, believed blacks were inferior. America is not the shining city on the hill some people claim. It is thought that America’s past needs to be blotted out, that we need to be transformed, to believe the ideas of progressives.

In the South, where I grew up, blacks (we called them the “N” word) were not allowed to dine in white restaurants, nor to drink from white drinking fountains. We had a black maid. When she used our bathroom, my mother cleaned the toilet seat with Lysol, she said, because all black people carried venereal diseases. It didn’t make sense to allow our maid to handle our food. I worried that I was going to be infected with a venereal disease.

A black person, ringing our front door bell, introducing herself as Mrs. Brown. dhe was applying for the job my mother advertised, my mother informed Mrs. Brown that black people don’t come to her front door, nor do they introduce themselves as Mrs. Brown. This black said she came from the North, where black people come to the front door and introduce themselves as Mrs. Brown. My mother sent her on her way and indignantly informed my father of her insolent behavior. They agreed that blacks from the north have a lot of gall.

When I was a boy, blacks all lived in “N”town. They had better stay where they belonged unless they had business in the white community. I saw blacks being beaten by the cops merely for being in a white community. It was felt that this was necessary. If they were not in a white community for a legitimate reason, it was only to steal anything they could get their hands on. They were inferior and had to be treated as inferiors. Beatings were something blacks understood, unbelievably a century after they were emancipated.

I was on a troop train during World War II, heading for Tacoma, Washington, where I was to board a troop ship. We were part of the invasion force of Japan. The train stopped in Atlanta, Georgia. I witnessed a black soldier from my troop train being turned away from the depot restaurant. He was good enough to be drafted to fight for America’s freedom, but not good enough to dine with us. Really! And we considered blacks inferior? Terrible!

Consider this: After World War II, the captured Nazi leaders were brought to trial by an international court. They pleaded innocent on the legal ground that they were merely following German law. After all, with regard to treatment of America’s blacks, German law was as fair. The Nuremburg trials held that Nazi leaders were guilty of violating human rights.

Consider this: The Taney Supreme Court, ostensibly, under the U. S. Constitution, held that Dred Scott, a captured runaway slave, was property, and the same as a mule was a beast of burden; he was not human. It is not against the law to terminate the life of a beast. The Nazis worked Germany’s Jews until they could work no more and then exterminated them the way you would an insect. By the Taney Court’s interpretation of the U. S. Constitution, Nazi Germany’s Jews were beasts; we are whatever the courts say we are. By intelligent reasoning, which is fundamental to the law, the Supreme Court is as wrong today was the Taney Court, as were Nazi Germany’s courts. Today, the Constitution is whatever the Supreme Court says it is.

It just so happens that one of the Nuremberg trial judges was an American Supreme Court justice. Justice Jackson, in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, for the Court:

The very purpose of the Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials and establish them as legal principles to be applied by the courts. One’s right to life, liberty, and property . . .and other fundamental rights may not be submitted to vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections.

All of the flapdoodle above mentioned, called the law—and good citizens are those who obey the law—exactly what is the law? We were created with reason and logic, which is fundamental to the law. Indeed, we are not good citizens when we obey laws that clearly violate human rights. As a personal witness, I can tell you the German people learned this the hard way. I was a combat riflemen during World War II. Me and my buddies moved from the Rhine River completely across Nazi Germany. When we were done with our job, as a personal witness, I can tell you that Germany was flat on the ground, and deserved it.

It is impossible for me to understand why America’s authorities spent our hard earned money rebuilding Germany? The German people have never shown their appreciation. It is as though by some special inexplicable right we did the only thing we could do. It’s what Obama calls comprehensive or all inclusive law.

Sadly though, neither the Civil War nor World War II changed anything. Gross injustices in these United States, in violation of human rights, sanctioned by the law and courts, continued until Martin Luther King and his followers informed the American people that we, individually, under the law, have a personal responsibility, if we dare to call ourselves human. You have to give those brave souls credit for standing up to Bull Conner and his police dogs. It must have been terrifying.

Funny thing, from the news I got at the time, I didn’t see it the way I do now. I didn’t like people who marched in the street in protest, sort of like Obama. Arizona’s governor approved a law that could be discriminatory to Mexicans. We need to think comprehensively, about all inclusive law. We need to think about law that doesn’t offend anyone. Funny thing, it has never happened yet. In the meanwhile, human rights are being ignored. Funny thing, the same applies to federal income tax, and taking from the rich and giving to the poor. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

There can be no argument, if we are endowed with human intelligence, we believe that we are all human, whether we be black, brown, or white. Under the law of all times, given our history, we are forced to believe that we are all equal in our rights. Therefore, under the law of all times, there is no such thing as a government entitlement. It’s brute law. So, here we go again with abuses of human rights. Under the “Higher Law,” no one is government entitled to preferential treatment. Under the “Higher Law,” there can be no government mandated redistribution of wealth, no matter for what good cause. Never ever does the end justify the means, as Roosevelt’s New Deal law says. Our rights are God-given—and constitutionally guaranteed.

Entitlements are government expedience—brute law—and unfortunately, now out of control. The debt government is creating is unsustainable, and government brutes incapable of curbing its excesses. Yet, to our amazement, not one of America’s current representatives has mentioned the logical cure, instead choosing to address the symptoms of the problem they have created, and to go into secret meetings to hammer out solutions that keep them in control. It is brute law. Only government is capable of making the law all inclusive—understand for the good of all. It goes against natural law. You betcha! If you think only good thoughts, everything will be alright. Just keep hoping. Gee! Why didn’t I think of that?

If America is to be saved, it is imperative that we, the people, elect representatives dedicated toward immediately cutting taxes and drastically cutting the cost of government—and until the budget is balanced. Instead of depending on redistribution of the wealth of the nation, it is imperative that the economy be first, last and always, where all of the wealth is produced. It is solely that to cure brute law; that is comprehensive or all inclusive law, and the current destructive addiction of government dependence.

I never knew until Beck’s Founding Father’s presentation on May 28, 2010 that some of America’s Founding Fathers were black. With 95 percent of America’s blacks voting for Marxist, leftist, all inclusive law—brute law—which is determined to change America into a socialist state reminiscent of Nazi Germany, I’m sure that the 95 percent black vote could not know that their ancestors fought for America’s independence. They could not know that along with Paul Revere rode a black man shouting “the the British are coming.” They could not know that a mixed congregation of blacks and whites, in a church, when told the British were coming, grabbed their rifles and fought them. They could not know that when Washington crossed the Delaware River, as shown in the famous painting, there were two blacks in the boat. They could not know that some of those Founding Fathers in Congress were black, and one was Speaker of the House. America’s 95 percent of blacks voting for brutes could not know that their ancestors were American heroes, indeed, who saved America from British domination, some with the gift of oratory that put whites to shame.

Indeed, what a shame that 95 percent of the blacks voting for Marxist brutes—and I myself learned all of this for the first time on Beck’s Founding Father’s show—uninformed blacks voting for leftist radicals who don’t appear to know that their ancestors, in every one of America’s wars, have given their lives for the cause of liberty and justice, calling themselves African Americans because they don’t know the truth. Their ancestors could have been here before mine, and just as interested in life, liberty, and property as mine.

Pray tell me why you are willing to settle for a pittance from government—just enough to keep you forever dependent, and not only that, but taking from those struggling to get a foot hold, depriving them of their life, liberty, and property? Why is it that I never knew, nor do 95 percent of you voting for radical leftists know that your ancestors were every bit as American as whites? The truth will set you free.

The cause of liberty and justice, be you black, white, or brown, is in everyone’s soul. Come one, come all. A new star is born, The Tea Party—millions of determined Americans with no prejudices, individuals who believe life, liberty, and property is a God-given right, let us make the Tea Party the brightest star of all. Let us make man in our image (Gen.1:26).

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