A Second American Revolution is Inevitable

4064112083?profile=originalI have so much discontent and outright anger towards our government that I can’t help but wonder if it’s time to throw it all out and start over as our founding fathers did. ! I don’t think it’s unreasonable to entertain the idea that the mechanisms of our republic have become too distorted to be repaired.

How much longer will people take what our own government is doing to us? For more than 15 years I have been asking this question.

I ask, “Why?” “Why can’t we stop this? Why can’t we take back our country and restore our government to what it should be? Why can’t we secure individual liberty and freedom just as the Founders did?”

The cold hard truth is, in today’s world none of us are willing to risk losing what we have to get it done. We all have grown complacent to easy lives. We have nice homes, cars, computers, jobs, family vacations, RV’s, smart phones, etc. and we want to enjoy every bit of this great lifestyle we have been blessed with. We don’t want to risk losing that. We as a nation would give-up our God given rights for our own personal security.

How many are willing to pledge “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” to restore America? Don’t kid yourself and think meaningful change will happen without turmoil and strife. It won’t happen without sacrifice at a level no one has ever seen before. Are we willing to make that sacrifice? I am but how many others are truly willing?

 For those of you who feel it’s time for a new revolution, ask yourself if you are willing to risk and sacrifice as our founding fathers did. Ask yourself if you’re really willing to fight for the country you want, even in the face of an uncertain outcome. I suspect very few can answer with an honest “Yes.” It’s easier just to post your outrage to Facebook or some other social media.

For those of you who think we still live in a free Constitutional Republic where the will of the people guide the rule of government, it is time you wake up and realize that America is long gone and doesn't exist anymore. Keep your heads stuck in the sand and live your complacent easy lives until all our God given rights are lost

So now I ask you. One of “We the People…” what will be the determining factor in whether our country can be restored to the free society it once was, or sparking an armed conflict between the people of the US and the government?  

I do not expect a peaceful resolution the next time around. I also do not expect the government as it exists now to stop clamoring for more control or less corruption. If recent events have proven anything, they have proven that a second American Revolution is inevitable; and all we can do is ready ourselves.

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