A Prediction of the Future

Tea Party.Org – May 26, 2010 – Dale Robertson

“Democrats—terrified of the Tea Party movement—are coming out of the woodwork to warn about dangerous rhetoric of the right.”

Billy, the Kid Clinton is connecting the Tea Party with McVeigh’s Oklahoma City bombing. It was the BATF burning of the church of religious fanatics out of Waco, along with men, women, and children that set off McVeigh. Attorney General Janet Reno ordered the BATF attack. Reno had Clinton’s blessings.

Clinton is about the worst hypocrite to ever occupy the White House. “The hypocrisy of the leftist political class is mind-bogging,” says Dale. To me, it as natural as the sun’s rising. I believe in astrological predictions. We are entering the Age of Aquarius. Aquarians despise hypocrisy. They are future oriented and strong-willed.

An amazing thing this is. The Age of Pisces is fading into the past. Pisceans desperately want to do the right thing, but they tend to be weak-willed. They listen to what others say. Aquarians are the opposite. They are stubborn in their beliefs.

Another amazing thing: With Obama’s election in November 2008, Saturn, the learning planet, went into unfavorable alignment with Pluto, the generational planet. Coincidentally, the Mayan calendar has it that the world ends with the end of Obama’s term of office. Coincidentally, the bad Saturn-Pluto alignment ends with the end of Obama’s term of office.

Before anything can exist, since nothing gives you nothing, consciousness exists. We exist in a state of conscious awareness, as limited by us. The power drive is basic to all sentient beings. There is the natural law of the jungle and the “higher law” for humans, which has its basis in intrinsic principles that don’t change.

With all of the above coincidences, and I’ve listed but a few, the cutting edge of physics now says that in the mix of things you have to include consciousness. Quantum physics says we are at the threshold of a quantum leap forward in understanding our human reality. This connects with ancient astrology.

The Tea Party, coincidentally, is made up of people who fit the Aquarian personality, whose symbol is the water-bearer. By the way, the Piscean’s symbol is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisceans have a hard time making up their minds. Please remind Billy, the Kid Clinton. My advice to the Tea Party: “steady as she goes.”

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  • the mayans say in 2012 there will be galactic synchronization i haven't found the prediction of the end of the world even though i hear it from every one. because their calender stops people think it is the end.the calender ends because the cycle starts all over again.
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