Lord, I realize I'm just a man. I Can do very little in the big scheme of this nation and all the problems we have. I do however, see a group of people that have a heart and mind to change the course of this nation. I see a people that have Godly ideas and a will to see that nation placed on a course that will better work for our children and future generations. The passion I read and the spirit that is revealed in the things they write inspires me. I pray Lord that you will strengthen each man and woman that works so hard to bring good things to pass and those that work endlessly to bring this nation back to a moral standard and a place of security with a platform that is worthy to be called  our home. Lord I pray that a leader will stand up among these people that will set a course with words and wisdom that wins the heart of a nation. An ability to lead that causes other people to step up to a place they never dreamed they could be.

Lord you caused things that your enemies thought to be bad to turn to your glory. I pray that as the people that want to cause hurt to this nation goes about to do damage that you will use their very efforts to their demise and bring unity to this nation when they want division.

I realize that I'm not a person that can bring great advice to the table or give vast amounts of resources. I realize that I'm not equipped to lead this nation back to where it needs to be , but I can pray for those that can and Lord I can be a support to those who can. I can pray and ask you to place around each of them as the do their work each day. I can call on the one that has all power in His hand and the wisdom to pour out on the leaders of this group we call the Tea Party.

Thank you Lord for each of them from the one that gives money to the people that make great speeches, even the ones that just clap and show their support. Help us to stand united and fight for truth and what is right and moral in your eyes. Help us to work while we can and each of us do our part for your glory and for a nation honor the saying ONE NATION UNDER GOD WE STAND.

And every member of the Tea Party said-- AMEN AND AMEN  

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