A play on Words



Just playing around here, but:


Have you ever noticed how some people say PIN Number, or VIN Number, and things like that?


Have you done so yourself?


Consider what is being said.


PIN is an acronym for Personal Identification Number, therefore PIN Number is in fact the Number of your PIN or your Personal Identification Number's NUMBER. For myself that would usually be 1 as I usually employ only a single PIN for any particular given purpose.


The same would hold true for your Vehicle or Vessel when using the acronym VIN. Most vehicles and vessels also have only one identifying number so the number of that number should always be 1, regardless what the VIN actually is.


I bring this up because there is a great deal in the NEWS about the current START “TREATY”.

START, in this case means ST ratigic A rms R eduction T reaty. Does this mean that everyone is talking about a Treaty on the proposed Treaty? Frankly, I am not even certain myself just what that would mean, but I do doubt that this is the case. Should this not be referred to as the STAR Treaty? Or simply START?


I also play the same game with Nuclear and NewCUElar.


Among other things, a CUE is a clue or hint.


I have never concerned myself with fear of NewCUElar weapons as they are figmentary and born only of the imaginations of the New CUELESS.


Whenever any State or other Public official, some stupid actor, or worse, some reporter goes public and says NuCUElar, I immediately classify them as a fool. And, yes that does go for Bush the second.


On the other hand, Nuclear weapons, those actually capable of massive destruction from the detonation of fissionable Nuclear materials, are a real concern.


We need our officials to concern themselves with real concerns, not treaties about treaties or imaginary weapons.


But, like I said at the start, I am only playing around here.


All Y’all have a Good Christmas and may we all enjoy a Happier New Year.


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