A Perfect Moment
by RA Nelson

When one stops reviewing what happened yesterday and planning for tomorrow… Where eternity comes ever so close; there, exists that perfect moment… and time stands still. Where time ceases, we live in the grasp of eternity… In a single moment that opens the door to a Kingdom in itself. Here, we live in the power of the Spirit of God…

Most people are never aware of those moments; being focused upon the cares of the world… the thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow's necessity. Yet, nothing is so simple nor less complicated than perception… if one will only believe?

Believe and all things become possible. For with God, there is nothing impossible… In Him, a moment becomes an eternity… Can you hear the door of time open, even now…. There is a perfect moment waiting for you… Only, believe.

May God richly bless and keep you… may His countenance shine upon you now and forever… in perfection… in that perfect moment, you first believed in Jesus Christ. Amen

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