It truly amazes me the lengths people will go to “not say” what they mean. They couch their speech in many different allegories, alliterations, metaphors, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. This is particularly true of politicians and others. Do you realize how much energy and time is wasted, simply trying to avoid saying what we mean? Political correctness is total nonsense and it almost seems to be a “pass time” event for people who nothing else to do with their lives. It is difficult to have meaningful discussions when we can’t say exactly what something is for fear of upsetting someone else. It would seem that in a country that was 75% or so Christian, the term “Christmas” tree seems appropriate and I cannot, for the life of me, determine why the use of that term or even of the item, would make someone uncomfortable or annoy them. We are now becoming a nation of Semanticists! I was wondering, since we have to remove “crosses”etc. from government buildings and such, are we going to remove all the crosses from the National Cemeteries? Where does political correctness end, or does it?As we watch another terrorist attack on our country unfold, the powers that be are continually finding “another way to say it.” Many areas of the investigation are being covered up in the interest of, “national security”; the age old rant of politicians to stop information detrimental to their way of thinking, from leaking out. It was already predicted that with the changing and loosening of the anti-terrorist regulations from the Bush administration, that there would be another terrorist attack on or in our country and so it is, but we must remember that this is a “man made disaster” or whatever the current terminology is, and not a “terrorist” attack. There goes that political correctness again.To take an idea from someone else, the government considers what happened at Fort Hood as a “disaster” but they consider the Tea Party movement and folks who speak out against the government, and its policies, “extremists”. There seems to be something wrong here. As a matter of fact, the entire country as it is today, seems to have something wrong with it! This is not the country I grew up in, we didn’t have folks telling us that we must purchase health insurance or pay penalities or else go to jail; that we have to pay higher and higher taxes to pay for a monstrosity of a health care bill, that no one has read or cares to read; that our government is completely oblivious to the will of it’s own people and seems to act totally in and for their own interest; we didn’t have Senators saying, when asked about why the Constitution isn’t being followed, “Oh, no-one does that anymore”. We didn’t have politicians trying to raise our energy bills times 4 to pay for something we did or didn’t do, to the atmosphere, and now “ owe a debt to the global economy and as things are unfolding, we find it all may be a hoax?” We didn’t have folks telling us about ”global cooling” and when that idea fell apart; they started up about “global warming.” Now, they do not even know if it even exists, but that doesn’t seem to matter.My ancestors came from Italy and Ireland. They worked in New York city, to become good citizens. They were assimilated into the American society and became good Americans. We still carried our Italian traditions and family roots without having our own communities remaining stalwart and refusing to be assimilated into the society. America didn’t print signs and books in Italian and English, in effect, we became AMERICANS! We were proudly called Americans and we were proud to have earned that right. It seems today that that is a lost idea. Groups come from other countries for the opportunities offered here, and they should embrace our country and be proud that they are here. They should become citizens, learn our language, and be proud of the fact that they are Americans. If they do not wish to do this, why come here? My daughter lives in Sweden and has been there for over 12 years and I notice from our visits, that there are no signs there printed in Swedish and English, although they do teach multi languages in their schools. She had to learn Swedish. She doesn’t live in an “American community” but rather she lives in the city amongst Swedish people. She has embraced the country and has become, to all intents and purposes, a Swede.What is going on in our country? Do we not think for ourselves anymore, do we not have a Constitutional government? I must have missed something along the way. It seems that this document doesn’t stand alone anymore but now we need lawyers and judges to “interpret” what it means and very often that is done with a bias reflecting their particular political parties. We are fast moving away from a Republic, upon which we were founded, to a socialist/Marxist type of democracy. To me, this is the biggest nightmare that could befall our country. The statement “redistribution of wealth”, has always amazed and scared me, in that the very people who spout it, do not do it with their own wealth, only with the wealth of others. They take from everyone else and “spread it around”, but not from themselves and their income. I can understand giving to folks who cannot work because of sickness etc., and folks who need a little to “get by” temporarily, but when I work hard and long to make a better life for my family so that they can enjoy the things I didn’t, and I will be dammed if I will give that to someone who sits on their butt and doesn’t want to work and plays the system and has their hand out for government money. It also seems to me, the folks who spout all these doctrines(politicians), are the ones who seem to be continually, lining their pockets with taxpayer money and benefits and using their positions to further their own personal interests.Look to our children, are they getting a “fair deal”? Since when do we need the government to dictate as to the proper method to educate our children? Are we educating or indoctrinating? We cannot say the words “God”, “Christmas”, or sing Christmas Carols, or have anything remotely resembling Christmas, Hannuka etc., in public schools anymore, but it is OK to have them singing songs of praise about our president. Doesn’t someone see something just a bit wrong about this? Many folks have chosen to home school their children to avoid the government “indoctrination” but even there, they tell you what you must teach and how to teach it. Is there no end to the input that the government has into our lives?Government is growing like a metastatic cancer. We go to the government for health care, for education, for disability, for food in some circumstances, etc. Many of us have to rely on the government for everything and it seems that that is getting worse every day and that is just what they want. Always remember, that the government that gives you everything, can also take everything away and so the power grows. I feel that our freedoms and liberties are being slowly removed, a piece at a time. I notice many people today, are afraid to speak out against the government and their policies for fear of some sort of repercussions. This is not America, at least not the one I know and love! When the government is afraid of the people, as it should be, that is liberty, but when the people are afraid of the government, that is tyranny!! It is not freedom when the government can retaliate against something they don’t like by taxing, or by ignoring some news service because they don’t agree with the “party line”. It is not freedom when the government owns 60% of an automobile company. It is not freedom when the government forces people to buy health care in the name of the “common good”. It is not freedom when the government gives money to institutions so they don’t fail because they are “too big to fail”. It is not freedom when the government makes laws to benefit certain groups but not all. It is not freedom when the government makes statements that are totally false and then makes an excuse that “they didn’t know”. It is not freedom when the government lies to its people and then derides all those who speak out against it! I would advise folks to check out the “Cloward-Piven” strategy by going to http://www.discoverthenetworks.org, a site and guide to the “Political Left”.“ First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”From reading this treatise, one can see many similarities to this strategy and the way our government is moving today. To “take apart capitalism, brick by brick”, as stated by one politician, one overloads the system and forces it to collapse upon itself and it seems that is where we are heading.Wake up America and get a grip! We are slowly being decimated and a nation divided against itself , cannot stand. We must take our country back so we can once again stand proud in our traditions! Remember that evil triumphs when a few good men do nothing. This leftist lean must stop and stop soon or we could become a European type of country where our government takes care of us from birth to death and the last thing we need, is “Big Brother” or a nanny! I surely know what is best for me and I definitely don’t need the government telling me how to live my life or what to do! In our day, we didn’t go to the government for much, if anything; we didn’t make a profession out of welfare and trying to figure out how we could get money from the government while not having to work. We worked and did our fair share to help the country and our families and out friends and neighbors. This is the American way. American is not simply a noun but it is also a way of life, a tradition, a methodology if you will, of people helping people, of standing and working together to improve our status, of saving and providing a better life for ourselves and our children and not having the government “provide” for everything from birth to death.
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